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Thread: good reason to wear a diaper

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    Default good reason to wear a diaper

    well for what ever reason my roommate, in college dorms, has been closing the bathroom door all the way when he leaves the bathroom. and some how he manages the lock the door. can you see where i am going with this. well he keeps locking the bathroom door locking both of us out and you need a special key to open the door. i have my diapers so i don't worry about having to use the bathroom, besides i found out the key looks like scissors that are slightly open, so i know how to unlock the door, but i am not going to tell my jerk of a roommate that hehe.

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    I find that a good reason to wear a diaper is when you are about to embark on an All night study/cram bender and must stay rooted to books and work for an extended amount of time with out escape,it keeps one determined and focused like an astronaut

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    I agree wearing diapers in college in convenient. I wouldn't tell my room mate any discoveries either. I currently lucked out with not having a roommate but next semester I will be getting one.

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    Whenever you have exams that can last hours or as SquishyTushy said, when you're power studying, diapers can come in handy. Even if you want to avoid bathroom breaks during class they can be convenient, but it isn't too hard to get bathroom breaks. During the weekend when you wanna sleep in (especially after being up all night drinking if you're into that), they can be very convenient as well. That's annoying about your roommate, but it's a good thing you're not dependent on the toilet and you can get by the lock anyway.

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    Road Trips, Watching a Movie at the Cinema (When you don't want to move or miss any action.), Meeting at Work, Chores around the house (When you don't want to move again.)

    Loads of options.

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    When I was in college we had a community bathroom. I was in the room farthest from it and let's just say I made good use of my diapers. (Guess I should mention that we had single occupancy rooms.) I don't think I ever went down to the bathroom just too pee.

    I am here:

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    another good use is when you need to pee at night and dont want to get up

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    Man I know... (referring to all the collage posts) I'm going to be going to collage next sem and so far I have been taking a bunch of tests (compass, act, etc) and I have been at the collage library non stop... It's the best thing to have for a study cram... The only thing I don't like is the crinkle... It's like so quiet.. Not even noise from the vents... Or any white noise from the computers... I've been wearing underwear over my diapers but there's still that crinkle... Any Ideas on how to get over this.
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    How about because it feels _really_ good.
    Now, as to good reasons not to. I used to worry about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adasterix View Post
    How about because it feels _really_ good.
    Now, as to good reasons not to. I used to worry about that.

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