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Thread: Regarding perfumes

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    Default Regarding perfumes

    I've noticed a lot of baby diapers have this perfume, and for the record I like Pampers' smell the best. I imagine this not only makes the baby smell good, but hides the odors of BMs and pee. Why don't adult diapers have something similar? Some lotions smell like that so it can be attributed to that(I know my mom uses a type called 'moonlit path' which has a very similar odor to Luvs), and it would help cover the smell of pee and poo.

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    Adult diaper company tend to be pretty sensitive to the feelings of their customers. On most packs of adult diapers, you will find that the word "diaper" doesn't even appear anywhere on it!

    I think it's just part of the making adult diapers not like baby diapers. There are actually drops you can buy to add scent to adult diapers. I bought some a while back (against my better judgment and the recommendations of others on this forum ). They were actually not too bad. Nothing super special, but they do smell nice. I'd say I use them about 75% of the time.

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    Personally I'm glad that adult diapers don't have the perfume. Sure they might mask some odors, but I've noticed when at a house where there is a baby who lives there, that perfume smell is usually there and I know I wouldn't want my bedroom or my apartment smelling like "new baby"

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    And it could possibly alert others that you wear diapers, a fact 99% of people are trying to hide.

    We use baby powder everytime, and that smells good enough for me. = 3

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    for me that would be bad because i can"t stand those smells>
    another thing is the smell travels and my mom would find the source>
    sorry about the periods and other stuff my comp is messed up

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    i use baby powder on my arm pits and stuff cuz it reduces the oder and sometime on hairy spots that would itch alot, my mom is use to it so when i do wear my mom just thinks im abit itchy, it worked so many times when i do wear and i drop abit of powder on the floor lol, bad aim i know.

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    I use powder a good bit... especially around my inner thighs when I know it is going to be hot out... helps with the sweating. Plus I like it when I occasionally get a whiff of the powder... reminds me even more of my diapered state.

    That being said... it would take a lot of perfume to cover up the smell of adult pee and BM. Plus many peoples' noses are sensitive to any kind of perfume... its just an irritant. I don't really understand why the make scented baby diapers... I guess they're just going for a sensory responce that will tie people to a specific brand like Pampers or Huggies or Luvs.

    Honestly... boys, if you want to cover up any diaper odor get some of that Axe or Old Spice body spray that seems to be so addictively popular. It'll cover the "I just peed myself" odor and has a nice manly scent (that supposedly drives the ladies wild). Girls... you have enough perfumes and scented sprays and lotions to cover the world 3-times over with the scent of plumeria or vanilla bean or what-the-hell-ever you want... use that stuff.

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    I don't think they add scents to adult diapers because most adults wear some scent or another, and the 2 might not mix well.

    Even the scent they use in baby diapers is useless, if you think about it, how long does it last on a kid, before its wet or pooped.

    I guess it's like scented toilet paper kinda useless.....

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    Default A nice smell

    Hi All

    Having a nice smelling nappy may be nice but if other people smell the fragrance while u have it on, there could be some interesting situations explaining your new perfume hey. But using baby powder is ok for it is easly explained away. But if its just you in a nappy well its nice to dad on a bit of perfume/aftershave etc.



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    I use baby powder only for extended periods of wearing, It dosnt smell bad but it dosnt smell all that great to me. I really wouldnt like a prefumed diaper it would probably be to easy to notice.

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