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Thread: Massage in diapers round II

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    Default Massage in diapers round II

    The previous massage thread is closed and i really wanted to add my two cents since there were so many differsnt opinions in the last one. I think getting a massage in a diaper is perfectly fine with or without tellling the massause ahead of time. I get them all the time in just a diaper and there is nothing more relaxing! Telling the massause is up to you but i give them a heads up most of the time, not always though. Not one of hem has ever said anything when i did 't mention it. I go to the same one most of the time and she doesn't even mention it anymore. I don't have a worry in the world when i'm lying there just in my diaper being massaged head to toe!

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    I read the other post but I didn't realize it was closed. Do you know how or why it closes? I though they always stay open. Secondly, you said she doesn't say anything anymore. Did she? If so I was curious as to what was mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BambinoPants View Post
    I read the other post but I didn't realize it was closed. Do you know how or why it closes?
    Except for threads in the story forums, admin stuff, and requests, threads autolock after 4 weeks. Threads may also be closed by mods if it breaks the rules, the OP is banned, or (for requests/admin stuff) if the issue is resolved.

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    I didn't email adisc so I have no idea as to why its closed. I guess it was something with the op. As far as the massause goes she asked why and how often i wear them etc.. She wasn't intrusive at all, I kept he conversation going and told her she could ask me anything she wanted. I could have easily ended it at anyime. Now we haven't even talked about them in 5 or 6 massages. Even other ones will only ask a couple of quick questions before the massage begins(if i givr them a heads up before hand) and if you don't bring it up again it will not be talked about for he rest of the session. I still have yet to find he courage ro ask for my glutes to be massaged though, it is my favorite part of being massaged too. . Its been about 10 massages with the same massause so maybe its time.

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    I guess my view is that whether you are IC or DL or AB, diapers are a form of therapy. Quite often a really good massage can release all sorts of feelings (good and bad) that could be linked to the security of diapers. Why not wear them!? I feel sure that if the massage therapist were really put off by the diapers, he/she would ask you some questions regarding it. I know when I have gone to a massage therapist, I fill out a form indicating previous injuries as well as habits (i.e. whether I smoke or drink alcohol or drink caffeine) to open up dialogue for boundaries for both of us.

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    I remember that last thread and I'll say the same thing I said before. Wearing a diaper to a massage regardless of the reason is perfectly fine in my opinion. Masseuses should be professional enough that it shouldn't prevent them from doing their job and it will make the whole experience better so why not wear? Heck, even the masseuse might want you to wear to create a better experience (kind of like if a masseuse supports your request to play certain music or light incense to make the experience better).

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    I totally agree, its like getting two corma of therapy at once. It teuly helps me grt into a relaxed mood quicker know that i have a diaper on.

    Yeah not one has asked questions if i didn't bring it up ahead of time.

    Does anyone out IC or somethig similiar on the form you have to fill ou before hand or do you just give her a heads up when he/she walks you to the room too?

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    Did it again!!!! I just went for a massage wirh only wearing a diaper and it was amazing. Before we started as we were discussing what kind of work i needed i told her that i wear a diaper at night sometimes juat as a pecaution because i have a a
    SIghtly weak bladder and i jus wanted to feel safe durin myassage. As soon as i sAid wear for precaution so i can relax during thr massage she cut me off and changes the subject riht away and saids get comfortable and i 'll be right back to stArt the massage. It was one if my beat massages of my entire life!!!!! I melted into the table. Be firat thing she did was tuck blanket rigt into the back of my diaper and wen to work massaging. I think she was showing that she would be intimidated or freaked out by it, she went right after it. Anyways i left her a massive tip and can't wait to go back.

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    I like the idea of getting a massage in a diaper, and being exposed like that. It's something I would clear with the therapist beforehand. However, I don't know if I could ever go through with it. I've never had a massage, but need one because of back aches. For those who have had massages, do most therapists ask you to take off your underpants and cover yourself with a towel, or do they ask that you keep your underpants on? If you keep them on, do most ask you to get under the towel before they enter the room, or do you come to them right from getting disrobed, and they put the towel on you?

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    Sounds great! Such an awesome experience, isn't it?

    I just had one about a week ago, my therapist had worked on me a few times before and knows about my diapered state, and she seems totally cool with it. She has no problem working around the areas my diaper touches. Well, like the op said, one part of the massage I was missing by being in a diaper was my glutes, so I decided to try something new, an idea I actually got from another poster on adisc. I asked her if I could start face down on the table (normally they start me face up). She said "of course" and was curious why, so I explained what I would like to do, which she agreed made sense to her. What I did was this: So my diaper doesn't get in the way of the lower back & glutes massage, I laid it down flat, with the tapes facing forward toward the head of the table, and received the first 30 minutes of my massage face down with the diaper unfolded underneath me. (I even wet a little like that, it was no problem since it was in a Dry 24/7.) Then when it was time to roll over onto my back, my therapist asked if I would like her to leave the room for a minute so I could get "situated," but she quickly added that she didn't mind (if I didn't mind) her just holding up the sheet while I did so. I said I didn't mind, so she just held up the sheet and I rolled onto my back and fastened my diaper on in the normal fashion, then she went on with the session. This method worked out great for me, and there were no problems.

    Note: make sure if you are already wearing a diaper into the spa and you take it off in the room (I had my fresh diaper & some wipes in my inside jacket pocket), make sure you bring something to carry the old diaper in. I forgot to do so, and I had to wrap my used diaper in my jacket & carry it out under my arm..

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    A massage in a diaper is not a big deal. It is a private matter between you and your therapist. Every week I get a wonderful massage for 1 and one-half hours in a diaper and I also wear plastic pants. One time I leaked on the table and the therapist said it was no problem. I now wear a booster pad and just enjoy the deep and relaxing massage. I get a lot of work in the butt area and often joke about the pain in my you know what.

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