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    I'm not sure that i put this in the right place but i forgot to mention something kind oof embarrassing in my intro and please dont think im weird because of it. As everyone probably knows i am a diaper lover and a teen baby but i do have one more fetish that is non-DL related. I have kind of a restraint fetish, meaning that i like feeling restrained like with handcuffs and stuff......I feel like i had to get that out there and this site seemed right since y'all are always so supportive

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    Hey don't worry yourself. I've seen several threads float around asking what other fetishes people here are into. Personally my own fetishes are on the fictional side. I like vore and being confined like being stuck in a room or trapped somewhere.

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    Hey, I like the same thing as you too. I like the handcuffs and other stuff too. If you want to chat PM me, and we can start chatting.

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