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    I was curious....I see a lot of the times on the forums that people may go diapered 24/7 for a certain period of time etc, maybe a day, a week, a month, heck sometimes a year....Im curious, how many peope have got to live as a baby, toddler, or kid for a little while in there adult life, maybe an hour,a day, a weekend, a week, etc....I understand that we cant fully live as kids, but who has taken time out of there lives with there mommy/daddy/brother/sister etc to live as a kid for a few hours of the day, or weekend, or week, tell me about your story

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    I am starting day two today living as a 18 mo - 2 years diapered sissy girl. I will be doing this for 2 weeks. No toilet, only cloth diapers and plastic baby panties. I am eating only Gerber baby food while wearing plastic baby bib, drinking only water, juice and warm formula from a baby bottle and wearing only diapered sissy baby clothing!

    Duing the day I have been watching cartoons and Barbie videos on TV, playing with my dollies and toys and taking naps!

    It is soooo fun

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    For the past two weeks ive been diapered 24/7 so to say, at nights i am in one of 3 premiums with a stuffer, or two non premiums with a booster ( i like variety) , and during the day i'll go through about 2 or 3 sets of pull ups.

    I dont mess during the day as i am busy at work ect, but i wear plastic panties over my padding all the time to protect from leaks, I have begun to get a really good routine going and i love it, makes me feel like a toddler who likes to act grown up who cant stay dry during the day and most certainly cant at night.

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    I don't wear 24/7 but neither does my regressive self who is about 7-8. I do go to school everyday, do my homework, play outside, watch cartoons, eat lots of candy and junk food, and wear cartoon shirts or striped shirts everyday, sleep with my stuffed dog and have a goodnites bed mat on my bed. I also pack of homemade lunch of pj&j, cookies, fruit, and a treat in my ben 10 lunch box. This is more or less living life as a kid, but my homework is college level and is ridiculous and I don't have a loving parent taking care of me. There is one other major difference though; the regressed me is a bedwetter, and I don't wear goodnites everyday yet.
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    when i get home from work i act about 2-4 years old and play with playdoh and coloring books
    bath toys in the bath and wear drynites every night

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    my regresson age is 2-3 and i like playing with barbies and dolls wathing my local prescool network (that runs 24 hours a day its called sprout) and i love to play with my toys at bath time but i regress alot more when my daddys home from work ))))

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    As of now, I haven't had the chance to be regressed for an extended period of time. Fortunately, it looks like I will have an opportunity to in the very near future. As of now, it is looking like a weekend in June. I am beyond excited, since I have been dreaming of being able to take part in such an experience for as long as I can remember ^^

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    I don't pretend to be child sine mental disability I can tell you it get boring sometimes but is fun playing all time most do help parents around house small think like picking up my room. I wear diaper 24/7 because my brain signal all messy with my bladder so need to go a lot like a small toddler during potty training so easier wear diaper instead rush to the bathroom all time.

    It's kind nice feeling love all time special sine all family is treated as a child even grandma she still call me by nickname once in a while .

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