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Thread: Is contacting artists for commissions challenging?

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    Default Is contacting artists for commissions challenging?

    How many of you struggle to find artist commission and contact information?

    In the process of finding artists for the AwesomeTapes idea, I realized it was a bit difficult to well...FIND them in the first place, let alone to CONTACT them and to find artists within the price range I'm looking for.

    So, I'm wondering if the rest of you struggle similarly when looking for somebody to commission.

    What if I could create a site that provides commission and contact information for artists, sorted by price, specialty, and availability? What if I offered discounts to site members, or offered to process commission info for artists?

    I think it would give you the opportunity to more quickly and easily find artists willing/available to draw your fursona. Also, the model might be more sustainable and would therefore be able to generate more-consistent growth and value to the community. I could use revenue from this idea to sell diaper tapes and to bring in higher-quality artists, eventually.

    Please let me know your thoughts. If you say "No", please explain; I'm curious to know why.

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    I didn't vote because it isn't clear-cut.

    I guess it would be nice to have info tabulated, as far as price and specialty go. It could make the search for an artist easier/faster. However, it would be hard to maintain that kind of a database. Artists doing commissions are free to change their prices, contact info, and availability whenever they want. Keeping on top of all of that would be hard and it would only get more difficult as the database grows.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'offered to process commission info for artists.' If you mean act as a go-between in communication--from my perspective as an artist that could make things quite difficult, since the possibility of miscommunication would be increased.

    I probably spend too much time on FA, but I've found that it isn't too hard to come across artists by just browsing and word-of-mouth. The difficult thing is that the artist one wants to commission may not be open exactly when one wants the commission done--but nothing can be done to change that, since the very nature of the work is freelance and not every artist's day job is doing commissions.

    Fortunately, it seems that the majority of artists who are open to doing commissions in any capacity make their prices and contact info very clear on the main page of whatever art site they prefer. The onus is on the commissioner to sift through all of that to find an artist who is within price range and available--bringing things right back to your original proposal. So the idea is nice, but it might be really, really hard to implement and maintain. One more thought: if you list pricing or availability information for artists and that information becomes outdated, that will leave artists in the position of saying: 'no, I'm not open right now' or 'no, the prices you found are not correct, here's a link to the actual (increased) prices', which may not be well-received by some commissioners (or artists for that matter).

    Speciality seems a little more static; I have seen some artists decide to 'quit' the babyfur thing, though not nearly as often as availability or prices get changed. It might be easier to maintain a database of links to artist pages (FA, DA, etc) organized by speciality. Then, the link leads directly to the artist's own page for pricing, availability, etc. The link page could be broken down according to such things as 'babyfur friendly? (Y/N)', 'toony, realistic, anime, all of the above?', 'human, anthro, feral', 'digital, traditional, both', 'cell shaded, painted, vector, animated, other styles'. I'm sure there could be more criteria, depending on how detailed you wanted to get. As far as pricing, maybe something that is very general and does not state specific numbers would work. Perhaps create some sort of general scale of cost, assigning artists as '$, $$, and $$$' in relative priciness. It would at least serve as a rough guide, without creating confusion should exact numbers change a little.

    I think there's a line that would need to be walked, wherein one provides useful information but does not end up speaking for the artists themselves.

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    I don't really have any difficulties finding the info of artists I've wanted to commission - that being said, I like Tygon spend quite a bit of time on FA, so that probably has something to do with it. Some big artists have their own websites, though, and those guys are really easy to find FA or not. But if you'd want to commission someone that isn't as well known then you pretty much need to go through FA.

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    It all depends on the artist really. Some are highly organized, professional, and easy to get in contact with, others are a serious pain in the ass to get a commission from. It's a shame because some of my favorite artists have a horrid commissioning system.

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