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    Does anyone watch TV shows aimed at Kids? Either as part of your baby experience or not.

    Outside of my experience generally, but sometimes not I like Ben 10 and Generator Rex (but not as much as Ben 10)

    Inside it I like Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam. I have also watched Waybuloo and Baby Looney Tunes. Thomas followed by Fireman Sam are definitely better though.

    Are there any shows that you like that should blatantly be 'beyond you'?

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    Im not sure if ths counts but i like to watch Adventure time all the time. my roommates actually introduced me to the show and they watch it as much or more than me.

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    Does My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic count? I hear there are a ton of people my age/gender who watch that little girls' show, and I certainly don't have babyism or role play in mind when watching it.

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    If it is Kids TV it counts! A few ways to work out if it is or not:

    1. Is it on a kids channel (with the exception of things like adult swim)?
    2. Do they make kids toys to the same theme?
    3. Does it have an age rating that would make it suitable for kids? eg. in America, TV-Y, TV-Y7 and TV-Y7FV are all kids ratings for shows targeted at children. If it has any of them it definitely counts!

    On the whole I just wondered if anyone did watch kids TV.

    To clear things up slightly, I don't necessarily have role play in mind when watching kids cartoons (and I enjoy watching them) but often enough one thing leads to another (particularly as Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam make me feel little). Soon after I start watching them (or sometimes just before) then childish clothing, nappies and sometimes a dummy come out.

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    Yes but mainly the ones aimed at older kids. Like Ben 10, Kim Possible, Bernard, Kid Vs Kat, Camp Lazlo, Dex Hamilton & Spongebob Squarepants. But I do also like stuff like My Friends Tigger & Pooh (I wish I was Darby, lol). There's a few Aussie kid dramas too like Lockie Leonard & Mortified which are great too.

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    I love the Barbie series. I have most of them!! the outfits are soooo cute!

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    I am a big fan of ben 10 (note that avatar), but I also love to watch phineas and ferb, avatar, scooby doo, courage the cowardly dog, recess, fillmore, just to name a few. As for shows targeted at preschoolers there are far fewer that are worth watching. Caillou, this is daniel cook, and blues clues are all that comes to mind right now.

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    I love (suprise suprise) Alvin and the Chipmunks. Not the movies they make now but the old cartoon searies

    I love it even if I'm not in baby mode

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