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Thread: Medline Protection Plus Overnight Capacity Protective Underwear

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    Default Medline Protection Plus Overnight Capacity Protective Underwear

    Just got another new sample today, from Medline. Their Protection Plus underwear had undergone some subtle changes, namely the length of the padding. It goes nearly to the top now, as opposed to only covering a small area like Depends. Also included, are standing leak barriers. This is very similar to a store-brand child's training pant, except it is made for adults. People have been looking for something like this for a long time, but I'm not sure if many are aware of what Medline has to offer. But finally, here is something that really lives up to its design: It fits like underwear, yet protects like a diaper.

    On the first photo, compared to the Depend Real Fit on the right, The Medline is substantial, both in width and the amount of fluff/polymer. There is a lot of polymer in this product, as it will handle a full void, unlike the offering from Kimberly Clark. On the next illustrations showing the front and back, we see what essentially looks like a child's training pant, sized to fit an adult. Medline really engineered this product for those of us who truly need, and want a hybrid product that works the same for all sizes it's made for. It definitely will handle more fluid than Goodnites, even proportionally.

    On the last two photos, note again, the amount of polymer and fluff that goes into the Medline Protection Plus Overnight Underwear. For an adult pull-on, it is indeed substantial compared to other brands I've looked at. The photo farthest to the right shows the standing leak barriers, and the soft inner lining that's similar to the vintage Huggies diapers. The center panel is very soft, and gentle against the skin. This would be ideal to wear in public, at work, or any social environment where restrooms are readily available, yet the need and desire for added protection, security, and comfort is still there.

    Medline, by the way, is the company that brings us the Molicare Super Plus briefs, and produces many of the garments that hospitals use to keep their patients dry, and comfortable. But not only do they sell to the institutional market, you can also get the Protection Plus Overnight Capacity Protective Underwear directly from Medline, by visiting their web site and making a phone call. Or, just pay a visit to good old trusty XPMedical. The Protection Plus may cost a little more than Depends or similar brands. But it has many times the absorbency, is every bit as discrete, does not have the clammy feel, and is more comfortable overall than the Depend or similar brands.

    But wait, there's more! Because of the added protection and absorbency from Medline, plus the quality of construction resulting in a product that holds its self together quite well while not feeling sweaty, you will likely only use half of them compared to Depend. Cheaper is not always better!
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    These sound awesome! Do the sides tear like toddler ones? !
    I am so excited. These are perfect for my LG side. Now, if only they had designs.

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    Yes they do, Fayte. They also feel fairly substantial with that center panel. I think the only real disadvantage to me, was that the fit felt a little loose, and that's probably because I have a small waist.

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    Those don't look quite like the wonder product we pull ups fans were hoping for. They may have slightly higher padding, but they still look just like granny panties.

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    Pampers Easy Ups and Huggies Pullups have sides that are different. Both are similar in material to the new Depend offering. These are more like the Curity training pants, and also some of the store brands of similar purpose. The center padding these do rise closer to the top than any other brand I've seen, more so than Tena or even the Abena protective underwear. This is the best choice I've seen, for those not looking for an actual diaper like the Abena M4 Premium. Anyway, an adult pullup doesn't seem like it would make sense for most people here, as the choice is overwhelmingly for a diaper with a plastic backing. Which, of course, is OK. Bambino sees no shortage of demand for their products, so I'm sure they'll be around for a long time. I myself, would certainly love to see a holy-grail type of protective underwear like Huggies Pullups, with the velcro attached sides and everything. All it would take, would be for KC to get off their lazy duff, take a risk, and actually DO something. I will credit Medline for trying, at least. I really do think they gave it their best shot.

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