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    The title of my post essential sums up my interests albeit it covers a lot of separate issues.

    My wearing of a nappy and plastic pants (I am from the UK, so a nappy) is a vital part of what I am. Perhaps in one word "controlled".

    I would welcome interaction from any Daddy types who believe that nappies (terry or disposible) and plastic pants are what is required for me. I do wear both nappies and trainer pants (always with plastic pants) on a frequent basis but not 24/7 at the moment albeit I have. Neither am I incontinent but am prone to dribble hence some protection is preferable but not 100% essential at the moment.

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    Hey simon, and welcome to ADISC! I'm glad you could join us. Most people here like diapers, and the ones who don't support those who do, so that's not going to help us get to know you very well. What other things do you like? Do you play a sport? Do you like music? Art? Cars?

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