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    Fabines are on ebay. This site keeps relisting a two pack and the price doesn't really get higher than $20. I bought some, and they are great. Not with the price, but it is nice to splurge on a specialty product from time to time. They are not as thick as dry 24/7 but they are pretty bulky. The print is really cute with teddy bears and lots of blue.

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    i dont care how good a diaper is but $20 for 2 diapers is WAY too much, plus you would never really fill a fabine.

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    Well you could if you had a hose, or wore it for like three days.

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    I think its retarded to spend 20 bucks for 2 diapers, fuch that.

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    I understand the Fabines...

    They are like the Bugatti Veyron. Made to be the best thing on the market, indisputably.

    They very well might be the most absorbent diaper ever made, but that doesn't in any way, shape or form, mean they are the best. Things like comfort, tapes, wicking, quality of the plastics and such are all measures of what makes a diaper great. I can't say I've ever tried the Fabine, nor could I be bothered.

    I'm content with my Abenas. Much the same way as I'm content to drive my Toyota Camry instead of a Buggati Veyron. My car isn't the fastest, it's a bit of a bumpy ride, and it isn't very pretty either, but it never fails me. Just like Abenas never fail me.

    I guess what I'm saying is, I'm happy with I've got, and although the "best" is out there, I don't really want it anyway. If you want to spend the extra cash on the Fabines for a few indulgences, that's cool, and I totally get it.

    I guess if I could get them for a reasonable price, I might try them, but that's really unlikely. When was the last time you saw a Bugatti Veyron for cheap?

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    Those look really nice! I might have to splurge on them sometime

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    Quote Originally Posted by alu View Post
    i don't care how good a diaper is but $20 for 2 diapers is WAY too much..
    I agree, that is insane. I'd want more than 2 diapers for that price.

    If I bought them. I wouldn't want to wet them at all. I would cherish those since I paid so much for them.

    But no. Never, ever would I pay that amount for 2 diapers. NO WAY.

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    That is way to much for me too. If I had way more to spend maybe.
    I still could not afford them when ABU had them for $4 each. well I could of, I just wanted more diapers for my dollar.
    Tho I wish I would of known about them getting rare so I would of bought them, could of made a nice profit.

    For me I will stick with, Teddies with a occasional Bellissimo, maybe with some dry 24/7and Abena in there too.

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    Lol if I paid that much for 2 diapers I would treat them like fine wine, and not use them until a special occasion. Although I honestly wouldn't spend that much money on 2 diapers regardless of how good or cute they are, unless its cloth diapers, but that's a different story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbtim59 View Post
    Lol if I paid that much for 2 diapers I would treat them like fine wine, and not use them until a special occasion.
    The only special occasion for that I can think of is when I have started a relationship with a diaper loving girl and we decide to get intimate. Other than that, I can't justify the price for the diapers, but I'm not saying that I wouldn't like to buy and try them, or to be able to afford them at least.

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