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    I'm just curious if anyone else has had AB stuff come up amongst co-workers I don't mean about you but just in general. For example, today we were discussing a coworker and her teddy bear along with footies. Just joking around and someone brought up seeing Stanley on TLC. Well then they were googling it and I got pretty nervous they might stumble across this place or something. They also found Riley and other tv specials. Anyway I was just curious if it ever comes up with others at work or anything and how you feel about it.

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    It was a co-worker who got me started. She had seen the National Geographic show and she went on and on about how weird it was. Something about her going on so much (this was a social event and it was very alcohol-fuelled) got me interested so I googled adult baby, found a gazillion sites, thought 'that certainly partly fits me' and haven't looked back since.
    Little does she know what she started. Then again, perhaps she is reading this....I did think the lady did protest too much!!!

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    I've never had it come up myself, though the subjects about transsexualism probably gave me the exact same feeling.. feeling like they just think you are weird even if they don't know what they are calling wierd applies to you. Try to just brush it off and focus on the work, I would say. Work is work, play is play! <3

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    I watched an episode of Bob's Burgers with some co-workers during a lunch break when they mentioned the term "Diaper Lover," nobody really seemed to be interested in researching it as it was a passing joke from a satirical cartoon. Sure took me by surprise and raised the blood pressure.

    In another instance, a co-worker was showing the interview with Riley Kilo on "My Strange Addiction." He showed her segment of that specific episode, I figured maybe he was digging for information as I accidentally text messaged a copy of one of my posts on Adisc prior to that to another co-worker. (I'm bad at copy/paste, what can I say).

    In the end, I think it was more for the "shock" value of her being trans and the bewilderment of adults choosing to live as babies as the reason for showing me. My face was certainly red, I certainly feared the worst.

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    I don't know I think I'd probably say I'd stubbled across it before and it was called infantilism and point them in the direction of the wiki page and make sure they had their facts right rather than assuming that we're all like Stanley or Riley (I know she's a member here and I support her as much as anyone else I just think we're for the most part more average and hidden than that) or even worse the porn some of which I think is just creepy

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