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    Okay so im having a few promblems lately, like when i go change cloths or go to the toilet i always find a wetspot on my underwear. I don't even feel it when it happens, its only leaked throh onto my trousers a few times thoght so i dont know what to do. Im sorry if there are other threads like this.

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    um... sort of sounds like a minor form of IC, if it continues or your worried go and see your GP it's free ^_^

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    It would depend as well on if it is actually urine. Some girls produce more mucous than others and it can make the underwear wet. It could also be sweat. If it is mucous it will be somewhat sticky. If it is sweat it won't smell like, well, urine.

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    Like closet dl said, it might not be urine. If it doesn't smell like urine and feels sort of sticky/slippery it could be vaginal discharge. Soaking through underwear is totally fine because different women have different output levels at different times of their cycle. However the soaking through your jeans bit is kind of worrying because that's a lot of discharge and the body isn't supposed to produce that much which means you might be battling an infection down there, which means you should get it checked out right away. If it's sweat you should try wearing lighter cotton underwear and pants that aren't as tight in the crotch area to help increase airflow and reduce sweating. If it's urine you should definitely go to a doctor!!!

    BEst of luck and be safe

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    Any involuntary loss of urine is a IC. I would get it checked out if it continues

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyStacey View Post
    Is this incontinence?
    Is this just fantasy?

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    I sometimes drip urine and I don't really consider myself incontinent since it's too mild. I am sure it's not cum and no way is it mucus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldsAndLime View Post
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in my wet pants (8)

    (Since all that had to be said is already said, I'm just gonna continue the song here)

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