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Thread: Any girls on here about 55kg?

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    Default Any girls on here about 55kg?

    This is going to sound like a realy weird request...but I am looking for a girl on here, who is approx 55kg and who can help me with some size charts... I need to buy someone a surprise birthday gift, and I want to make sure it will fit, and I really don't understand European charts...or anty female size charts for that matter....

    Boys are so simple.... s,m or l, or size in inches :-)

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    Cancel my last... I think I;ve got it figured out now

    T-shirt would be a size 06-05
    and bottomws a size 08 or 32

    Does that sound about right?

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    sort of depends on height, relative long or short legs and a few other things, 55kg that doesn't make her very heavy 8st7lb, I'm already thinking 5' to 5'6 in height you'll probably want to be looking in petite rather than regular sizes. I'd say that she'll probably have a 65 to 75 cm waist, and hips will be slightly wider, bust you probably know if you've met her then I recommend using matalan's size guide XS sizes, 6-8, are probably right but I've never met her.

    The best way to tell is see if you can find sizes in her clothing and go from there, but that could look a little creepy.

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    Thanks - that was very helpful

    I wanted to surprise her with some things for her birthday, but I just ended up asking her rather than guess, although you were pretty bang on with your estimates.

    If anyone here is looking for 'mainstream 'little' clothing for adults, I found 80s T shirts, Cartoon T-shirts, Funny T-shirts, T-shirts printed, Ladies Pyjamas, Womens Pyjamas, Character Pyjamas

    Does anyone know of any similar places / shops

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    it depends on the height, but I think you'll be safe with size M. good luck

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    Sorry I idol the female form ^_^, I might have been able to get a closer estimate from a picture or a rough height, but roughly in the right areas is comforting

    I'm glad you solved your problem, I'd think that asking her for her sizes won't give too much away about exactly what your buying tell us if she likes it

    As for similar shops I've been pointed to a few but they aren't in my browser history or favourites as I don't tend to shop for girls too often sorry

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