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Thread: Hello! new here

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    Cool Hello! new here

    Hello! I am new to this site, but not to the DL stuff. Glad to have found this site, great information and it seems to be very well kept

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    Hey there! What are some of your non-AB/DL interests? I like computers, technology, videogames, music, and a bunch of other stuff.

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    I like to read, rock climb, and hang out with friends. I also like music a lot too! I am in my local community orchestra, and love it

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC! A lot of the new members have been mentioning the same thing, so you'll find that there are plenty of people who totally understand where you are coming from. I really hope you enjoy your time here on the site and find some friend really fast.

    You mentioned some things that are making me intrigued and interested, what sorts of things do you like to read? It's awesome that people still read, books expanded my horizons and thoughts so much when I was young and there was a time they were my best friend.. which I think is something that is going to happen less and less as we move into the digital age. What do you do in the orchestra? That just sounds like such an exciting and interesting thing to do, I'm super jealous! Very awesome.

    Have some fun on ADISC you crazy cool person you.

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    That's awesome what instrument do you play?

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    I love to read classics, and I love mystery books as well. I just love being in a different world for a while. I'm in college, so any break from the stressful world is greatly appreciated I have been playing the french horn since fourth grade and love it!

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