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Thread: hey guys, new to the site

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    Default hey guys, new to the site

    Like the title says new to the site. Im manny im a long time ab/tb, i was into diaperd before i even got to my teens. I remember not going to school cause i was "sick". And then venture of to the 99 cent store to get baby diapers. Which sucks cause now all the 99 cent stores in my area sell adult diapers. And there so cute they have prints on them with smiley faces and hearts. Woops im rambling haha.

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    Welcome to ADISC Manny! I'm glad you seem eager to share already, and hope you fit right into the site.

    This site of course is a huge outlet for those feelings and just to be able to feel safe to talk about them, which I'm sure you are feeling and already enjoying hopefully. For your introduction though, it's great to talk about as well, your non-AB/DL interests. You see, since we all come to the site for that reason, it would be hard to really tell who is who if we all just knew those things. Saying other things about yourself, such as your hobbies, your favorite foods, your hopes, anything that might distinguish you from the pack and make you a new members that people will want to be friends with. I myself am very curious about them, so you can totally take that as me asking.

    Once you really set in here, you find it's easier to make some real friends when you have a lot of other things in common, because this sort of place is the proof that we who are interested in this stuff come in all shapes and sizes. Either way though, we all are here too support and I hope that you have a wonderful time here on ADISC!

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