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Thread: Hey all!

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    Default Hey all!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Nikki. I'm currently going to middle school, I'm really into dubstep like Skrillex, Rusko and Nervo.

    I play a bunch of different RPGs (CSTW, Chrono Trigger), and I want to end up in video game design. I've played soccer since I was about 8 and my goal is to be varsity.

    No one at school knows, but I still wet the bed sometimes. Just looking for friends that don't judge / don't care. Thanks for having me.

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    Hi Nikki,

    As you'll likely find out soon, there are many member who still wet the bed at your age and even later, if you search around you should be able find how they kept it all from getting them down. I noticed from your profile that you like LoL and anime. I, personally used to play LoL a lot, but then I got bored of it. as for that, there a re a few questions I'd like to ask you:

    What's your favorite subject in school?
    What's your favorite anime series?
    What color do you think oreos should be and why?
    Which celebrity do you want to punch in the face?

    PS. Chrono trigger is awesome.

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    Math, I just like being able to solve something and it be right.
    I love Azumanga Daioh, but Kimi Ni Todoke is pretty good as well.
    Oreos are good the colors that they are already.
    Madonna, she's just bad. :P

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    Welcome to the community. I'm sure you'll find plenty of support here. I myself, am a bedwetter, and there are some excellent resources here.



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    dude i LOVE SKrillex!! and dubstep welcome to ADISC

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    welcome and also SKRILLEX & DUBSTEP!

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    Thank you all.

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    Hi Nikki, game design is really cool and it's awesome you have a goal for what i'd call still early in your life.

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    Thanks for the kind words!

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