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Thread: Anybody keep their diapers in baby diapers packaging?

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    Default Anybody keep their diapers in baby diapers packaging?

    Hey All,

    I was just curious to find out if anybody else does this.

    I like to keep my diapers in baby diaper packaging (in my hiding place of course). Like, I have a package of Huggies diapers that is empty and actually has about 8 adult-sized diapers in it. (Bambinos or Super Dry Kids or Cushies).

    Anyways, just wanted to know how many others did this as well.

    As I have a lot more diapers now, I plan on getting more packaging for them, but not sure if I want to go with Pampers or Pull-Ups packaging next. Only problem with the Pampers is the packaging is not made with a larger width, so there's a chance that my diapers won't fit in neatly.


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    No I don't I just throw away the packaging when it's empty.

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    Sounds very cute, I've never done it before but only because I've never thought of it before. I suppose if I wanted to give a space with all my stuff just an 'oh so sweet' vibe of 'baby' then it would work just lovely! So no, but maybe in the future.

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    I guess it's just an added little feature for me to really give it that "baby" feel to it all. I guess it's part of the role play for me, instead of thinking and saying that I wear Cushies or Teddies, I feel more like I wear Pull-Ups...of course, when I really can't control myself, it has to be Huggies or Pampers...

    Anyways, definitely want to add to it today, so, I may just splurge and get both Pampers and Pull-Ups packaging as they're the next two that I really want to stuff my diapers in. Still trying to just choose one though, since I would be wasting a bit of money just for plastic packaging...

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    This actually sounds like a really cute idea, I may have to try this!

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    Sounds like an intresting idea, however I don't have any empty baby diaper packages as I don't buy baby nappies any more

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    Where do you get bags big enough to fit diapers as big as Super Dry Kids and Bambinos?? The baby diaper packages are pretty small.. unless of course you're talking about the boxes, but by the way you mentioned that you can have 8 in a package i can assume you dont mean the boxes but the actual plastic packages... Please tell me where you get these big plastic packages! This idea sounds very cute and it is something that ive definately thought of doing before just never found the time

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