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Thread: Ebay and shipping to Canada

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    Default Ebay and shipping to Canada

    I have been looking through the selection of diapers and things available on Ebay the last little while and yes there are some packages shipping from within Canada the vast majority of the products that catch my eye are located elsewhere.

    What im curious about is experiences other people had from ordering from international sellers. (ie: customs, etc) Myself im thinking as a Canadian ordering from the US or elsewhere, but I am guessing it is the same way if you were ordering from say Canada to ship into the US and I have heard both stories of people who just had to wait longer, but paid really nothing extra and others who had to have money ready at the door (Or wherever they picked up the package) due to customs. Anyone care to offer up a thought?

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    I had things delivered to me from Canada and from the UK.
    It has takes up to a few weeks, depending on how they ship it.

    Tho as for paying, it was always done thru Ebay paypal. Once they got payment confirmation they sent it out.
    I never had to pay for any other fees after that.

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    It depends on the shipping method. Your best bet is the mail. It's cheaper and most of the time you don't end up paying the taxes. If you go with a private courier you almost always end up paying the taxes plus extra fees.

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    You are ordering from eBay Canada, right? I've seen people make that mistake many a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarendurAldarion View Post
    You are ordering from eBay Canada, right? I've seen people make that mistake many a time.
    Yes im ordering from Ebay Canada...

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    I've ordered from Ebay many times (Although never something like a bag of diapers), but I have ordered things like bass guitars. I like to do all of my ordering through Paypal. I definitely think it is the way to go if you are going to use Ebay, and many other online retailers are now offering Paypal as a method of payment.

    I've ordered pacifiers, pajamas, bottles etc. from Ebay sellers located in the United States, never had a problem with taxes and stuff though. Sometimes I get hit with a NL import tax or something, but I think the highest I've ever seen that was around $3.30 and it doesn't appear on all of my orders, only some :/


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