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Thread: Is That a DIAPER You Are Hiding?

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    Default Is That a DIAPER You Are Hiding?

    With summer almost here do you dress to hide your diaper? Nylon shorts can be semi-transparent and with a sharp eye you can see what is under them. You might see a diaper sticking out or a diaper that is being worn under shorts depending on how thick it is if you are really looking. I really do not care if the diaper is accidently exposed. In life a little adventure and a little risk is OK as far as I am concerned. Do you wear a long shirt to cover the entire diaper area? Do you select clothes to accent or hide your diaper buldge? Do you really care if someone can see the diaper when you are out in public?

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    No. I don't care.

    If someone makes an untoward comment about what I have beneath my clothes I will fire back at them with a question about why they're so fixated on my bathing suit area.

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    I wouldn't flaunt it, but I don't tend to bother trying to hide the fact that I'm wearing a diaper. As in, I won't intentionally bend down in front of people, but I also won't *not* do things because of my diapered state. Far as I'm concerned, no one seems to notice, people are much more oblivious than you might think.

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    I couldn't really care if it was a random by-passer and they said something about a bulge in my trousers/shorts, but I wouldn't wear diapers around my friends and family.

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    I really don't dress differently seasonally, based on my diaper.
    Two days ago I went out wearing an AIO under trousers to buy -- you guessed it, Goodnights! The top of the diaper was just barely poking out of the top but I wasn't too concerned. My top was a little short though, and If I'd had to reach or bend over someone 'could' have seen my diaper.

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    It is different if you wear for medical reasons, though. You don't have much of a choice in the matter, and trying to use "light" protection to pretend that the problem isn't there, doesn't work either. Best bet: Tuck your shirt in, and wear slacks that are pleated, and maybe slightly larger than your usual size. Even jeans will do an admirable job of keeping things discrete. I visited my supervisor at work today, to give her some return-to-work documentation from my doctor. I was wearing an Abena M4 (the plastic version) under my normal work trousers. She was none the wiser, just happy to see me able to come back to work after my surgery heals. Her eye contact was direct to mine while we were talking, with no wandering. And she also had the usual smile and overall pleasantness. Wear protection if you need it, folks. Don't worry about what others think. Work, or business cloths can do a good job of hiding most any medical contraption, even if that device happens to be a diaper.

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    I liked winter because I could keep a spare diaper in my coat. With summer that convenience disappears and I have to think about how long I can be out without the ability to hide the diapers. Then, on top of that, I wear thick diapers and cover with a blazer..... let's just say I prefer winter....

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    Well I'll have to wear diapers 24/7 because of incontinence. I try to hide my diapers to an extend, but they are quite bulky. I don't care much if people see, they usually wont say anything about it and if they do I'll tell them about my issue. I get way more looks because of sucking paci in public. I've received some comments about it.

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    This brings up a good point. I have always worn light clothes, nor long ones either. With summer upon us should I be forced to continue to cover up or should I have the freedom to dress as I normally would in summer. I don't try to show it but some times it's hard to constantly ensure your covered up. I don't think it's anyone's bus! We're forced every day to see what people are wearing. If we don't like it don't look at it? I wear 24/7 and I don't want to have to wear jeans or long shirts ect...ect.. to satisfy the public. It gets too hot!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't flaunt my diapers but I also don't shy away from going outdoors. I've never had anyone get in my face about wearing diapers.

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