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Thread: New recruit checking in! ;) lol

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    Default New recruit checking in! ;) lol

    I'm not very good at this but hi my names hmmmmm... Well as u can tell by my user name i love princesses! so lets go with belle lol Well ne way I'm a senior in high school, I've been homeschooled almost my entire life.(not something I ever really liked) I'm starting college this fall as a vocal music major, which I have my audition fr coming up! I like to read, I loove to sing, I also play a little piano, and heres a shocker I absolutely adore kids! Maybe it's the 6 brothers and sisters I have yep lol I'm one of 7 it can deffinantly be annoying at times but it's overall pretty fun. that's actually kinda what got me into this i was always around diapers growing up still am the youngest right now is 2 months. i guess diapers have been a constant of sorts in my ever changing world. it I did have to grow up fast you know with so many little ones by the time i was 6 i was schooling myself doing my own laundry literally taking car of myself and my sibblings I don't like to say my parents had a hand in this tho just cuz I honestly don't know if changing any thing ( pun intended would have made me turn out differently and to be honest I wouldn't want to! I am 100% ok with myself it took awhile, but now I'm actually interested in coming out of my shell a little with this. I came to this site cuz I wanted to talk to people like me who I can ask or find answers to all those burning abdl questions that swarm around in my head also just to get to know people who are just like me I also do write a bit of abdl fiction (just a beginner tho) but I heard many good things and thought this might be a good place to post it so any who that's who I am at least part of it any way who can really define themselves In text right well srry about the novel into but either way it's very nice to meet y'all!

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    Welcome to the site. You will make a lot of friends around here.
    If you have any questions ask away.

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    Yo princess
    Have fun and I hope ya like our play pen of a world
    and I hope to see some of your stories soon

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    welcome to here
    :hope too read one of your stories

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    welcome to the site

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    Welcome Recruit! Keep your head down, your weapon aimed at the other guys, and your with about you and we promise to have you home by Christmas.

    Now with all silliness out of the way, welcome to our humble site. The friendliest, cleanest one I've seen.

    Congratulations on the college, It's so hard to get into a good one some times so good for you.

    As for your big family... That can be fun! I take it your the oldest one? That could get kind of hectic I suppose, being so high on the totem pole and all, It's good that you still like kids after so many siblings.

    I hope to so good things out of you and wish you the best of luck, and all that jazz; Since your a newbie I would recommend checking out some of the articles and/or the FAQ , Or just ask a more senior officer... umm... I mean member for help. Meself included.

    Lovely introduction,

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    Hi, Disneyprincess. Welcome to ADISC. I've already been reading your posts around the boards, it's great to see new members join in quickly. No one needs to be shy, you are among friends here. Anyway, I am glad you found us, and I look forward to reading what you have to say. Take care, and have fun as you become more used to the wonderfully unusual world that is ADISC.

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    Welcome also. I'm a professional musician, organist and choir director. I can remember my first auditions at the various music conservatories. It was always nerve wracking, as I had to play three different pieces from memory. The first was a prelude and fugue of J. S. Bach, and those were always demanding.

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    Hi there Disneyprincess! Glad you are here! I'm a musician, also, as you can probably tell I wish you the very best in your upcoming auditions and all that lies before you. I absolutely loved studying music in undergrad. It was I think the best four years of my life - hard work but well worth it! Sounds like you've been taking care of siblings your whole life - a parentified child in a way. Now it's time for you to let it all out and relax and regress a bit if you wish. Welcome to the site! I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have, and I look forward to learning of your progress in college!

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