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Thread: Diapers getting clumpy?

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    Default Diapers getting clumpy?

    I don't always like to wet my diapers, especially if I've only got a few left, or if I've got a sample of something I can't normally get, so I try to wear them for as long as I can without wetting them.

    Lately I've been noticing how if I wear them for too long, or if I move too much. I get sweaty-- Well no, clammy. But that's to be expected. What I don't like is that the sap gets bunched up into the crotch area and begins to break apart.

    As it breaks into clumps, it becomes harder to really sit on, and enjoy. And not even wetting them puts it back together.. Does anyone else have that problem, or am I doing something wrong?

    Also does anyone have any tips on making the diaper less clammy after wearing for so long. :c Because going out in the cold with a hot diaper on is really, really cold when the wind gets down there.

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    I have the same problem with the clumpy-ness. It gets pretty annoying, especially with goodnights.

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    boosters can help slow the clumping. And they add to the cushiness of the padding. win, win.

    All the booster I've tried have some sort of weaving in them and seem to be fairly immune to clumping. And they keep your regular padding drier, which helps it to not clump so fast.

    (I'm talking about in the front)

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    I normally wear tab style diapers, but sometimes im in a rush so i pull on ,a pull up diaper those tend to get clumpy pretty easy, you are not doing anything wrong,it is just what happens

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