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Thread: I need a diaper after today!

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    Default I need a diaper after today!

    So today was a horrible day at work and I just couldnt wait to get home and wear a nice thick diaper. I personally love to wear when I'm stressed out or in bad mood. Is anyone else this way? What sort of situations make you desire to be in your diapers? I know after many situations at work today I was just thinking, "I need a diaper!" lol I guess that its better than thinking "I need a drink!" which is what my co-workers were saying! If only they knew what I was thinking!

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    yes im same way anytime im stress or somthing i love to just relax with a nice thick diaper on it helps me get away and feel good

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    Indeed, I feel the same away after a VERY long and stressful week, when looking forward to free time during the weekend. It seems as though diapers have replaced other things, that I might be tempted to commit myself to.

    I guess this is not the worst thing to be "in"-to.

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    I am the same way. I also sometimes rephrase the Budweiser commercial to "I've worked hard,,,,This diaper's for me!" LOL

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    Default Five o'clock fridays

    I do the same thing. In fact, I usually have a fanny pack with 2 diapers in my truck at all time. If it's one of those bad weeks I usually diaper up to start the weekend!
    P.S. Love your Steamboat Willie avatar!

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    I've had days like that, where working at a junior high school is absolute crazy land. The diaper waits for me. More often however, I look forward to a laid back day where I don't have to work and I can enjoy the freedom of the day and thus the diaper.

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    Yes, I do the same thing. I enjoy them for an afternoon nap too. I wake up around 8am and by this time (2 pm) I feel completely thrashed. Actually getting ready to take one of those given nap as we speak :]

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    Without a doubt. After a long day of classes all I want to do when I get home is diaper up. Anytime I'm stressed out too. Who needs booze when you have diapers at home waiting for you?

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    i am the same after a stressful day at work i cant wait to get home and put a nappy on while i am at work i think god i wish i could go put one on now grrr

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    I have the same exact thought when I have a horrible day at work...or for that matter, just a bad day in general.

    Also, "Reality is lovely place, but I wouldnt want to live there". I immediately listened to The Real World when I saw that haha.

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