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Thread: Any tips on finding a daddy or mommy?

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    Default Any tips on finding a daddy or mommy?

    tips on finding a mommy or daddy?/sisster

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    just like in real life. get to know some people for a good while.then if both feel comfortable ask that person if they would like to adopt you.but you have to be patient , it takes a verry long time sometimes to gain trust in some people and for some that may never hapen. beyond on line acuantances

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    Quote Originally Posted by katylynn View Post
    but you have to be patient , it takes a verry long time sometimes to gain trust in some people and for some that may never hapen.
    I can echo this sentiment. My 'momma' and I were friends many years before I spilled my guts to her. We had a strong, trusting relationship built through working together while I was in high school. To be honest, it likely clicked so perfectly because she was always like a mother to me, as I would always run to her when my real mother and I would all too common occurence.

    Just take your time and don't press it. Find someone who REALLY gets you, who you could trust anything with, and wade in one step at a time. If you can relate to them in a capacity that reflects the relationship that you want (ask yourself, "Do I see her as a _____?"), then I say consider it and proceed with great caution. Opening yourself up in this way, while it can end up being the most rewarding experience of your life, it also leaves you very vulnerable. This possibility of a whole new level of heartbreak is a risk you have to weigh.

    Best of luck!

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    My number one advice to you is to BE CAREFUL PLEASE! Not everyone is sincere and there are some pick people in this world. if you meet anyone do so in a very public place with lots of people! also do not EVER UNDER ANY CIRCAMSTANCES go with them anywhere and DO NOT have them live with you or you live with them until you know them VERY VERY WELL! i cannot stress this enough. some people will act fine until they get you in their clutches and then you see their real side and its too late. its hard to get out of a situation like that and i know from personal experience. i am so serious just be careful.

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