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    Heyas, for those who don't know I do like a lot of sissy things ^^ I fantasise about playing princess in a beautiful satin ruffle dress with a silk diaper cover and all that. I even put bobbles in my hair when no one is around and everything :P

    Thing is, I'm a bit of a guy's guy too :P
    I have a top heavy broad frame, body hair everywhere (seriously even my damn shoulders) and I even play rugby and hit the gym.

    Thing is, when I imagine myself. I look amazing.
    Yet in reality I'd look like a guy on his stag party who had one too many drinks and slapped on his wife's wedding dress for a laugh :P

    Even If I had a smaller figure i'd look better XD

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    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (a verry old saying) if you think that you are beautiful then you are beautiful. who is anyone to judge what they cant see? everyone is as beautiful as they want to be.

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    Hi, thrashwolf. I've said this before, but I think it is worth repeating. Your actual, physical appearance is not nearly as important as how you feel when you picture yourself, in your ' mind's eye ', all dressed-up. It's your fantasy, let go and enjoy it. Leave reality behind for a little while.

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    This is one area I know quite well, I "know" I look like a man in a dress but the good thing is (and yes there is a good thing) I have bad eye's so I can't fully see how I look in a mirror, which is nice because how i think I look is beautiful and that's how i feel & I love it

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    screw what any1 else says, there just haters and its only your opinion that matters ,just dont let it bother you.

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    I have the same issue! They are right.. if it helps, I just avoid mirrors and continue to see myself from my mind's eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleRobKY View Post
    This is one area I know quite well, I "know" I look like a man in a dress but the good thing is (and yes there is a good thing) I have bad eye's so I can't fully see how I look in a mirror, which is nice because how i think I look is beautiful and that's how i feel & I love it
    I LOL'd.
    I'm actually passable if I get 'all dolled up' but who has the time after a long day of work? My favorite thing to wear outside of diapers is a one-piece swimsuit. Usually I have hairy legs, a bit of stubble and a stupid haircut. But it doesn't matter. Once I plop down on the couch, or sit in front of the computer I'm not looking in the mirror and I look like this:

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    When I was young I passed quite good. Now that I am old I do not even make a good looking old lady. I have found that in the TG and AB world, no one wants anything much to do with a person if they do not pass (few really do) and if you are not young. I feel as much a 2 year old now while in my 60's as I did when 12. We all need to be careful not to judge anyone by looks or age but by their heart!

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    Hello Thrashwolf

    I can identify with your concerns. I have had to deal with similar ones. I'm heavyset and I was a performing drag queen. Maybe my persona was as a more mature woman, but there are a lot of similarities to you wanting to be a sweet, young princess in ruffles and curls.
    Part of it is attitude. You need to feel like a girl or woman inside. You need to find your feminine side, your playful side, your inner child. This will show in your posture and gestures. You're going to be done up all pretty, so be proud and show off that pretty dress. Pose like a model, if you will. Nothing over the top or too exaggerated. Leave that to the drag queens - lol. Go against your male conditioning and use your hands and arms as part of your posing and gesturing. Be a little flambuoyant, just a little. Another important element is facial expression. A sweet little smile and slightly flirtatious eyes or puppy dog eyes will also make you seem more stereotypically girly. The chin down and looking forward like you're peering over the top of your glasses can look quite sweet and innocent when you couple that with a sweet little smile.
    Also very important is your outfit. You can disguise a lot with a full, loose dress with puffy or frilly sleeves, if necessary. As for your hairiness, regarding your legs, little girls and big girls wear coloured tights. My arms aren't that hairy, but I often wore long sleeved outfits for that reason. And a friend of mine who wasn't into drag but who just wanted to look less hairy and more youthful used to do something to reduce the amount of hair on his arms and legs, but not shave them completely. He would use a buzz-cut attachment on electric clippers, like they do at the barbershop. It cut the length of each hair on his arms and legs in half basically, so it looked much thinner, but it wasn't as drastic as shaving smooth.
    Being new to the ADISC defined sissy and little girl personae I don't know if it's inappropriate for me to suggest this; but, if you have a heavy beard, a little foundation make-up can camouflage it to whatever extent you wish, again without plastering it on like a drag queen. Also a little blush may help with a youthful, rosy-cheeked look. All to help you feel that you look more like a pretty, young girl.
    I don't know if anything I've said helps, my friend. I had fun when Trudy, my alter ego was on stage or at a club or other function with other drag performers, in spite of being by far the biggest girl there. I still felt like a pretty girl/woman even though I was surrounded by prettier and slimmer other "girls". As I said earlier, it's mostly in your mind. Believe you're a pretty, young girl and you will be.

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