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    I have been incontinent for over a year now,and wear diapers 24/7, im wondering how other people manage this condition, Because till this very day i still have questions,about what is the best way to hide wearing a diaper in public

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    I wear some form of protection 24/7. It depends on what I am doing and how near the nearest toilet is. At night I wear diapers which are quite bulky, these are under my pj bottoms, but as I am at home there is no real problem. During the day I always wear boxer briefs over my protection. These keep the diaper/pull up in place, they cut down any noise and cover up any outline that could be seen through my trousers. I also wear longer shirts so if I bend over there is little risk that the top of the diaper will be seen.

    Remember nobody is expecting you to be wearing a diaper, so it is very unlikely they will ever notice.

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    Butterfly Mage


    For me, I try not to do things that will make it more likely that I will go through several diapers in a short period of time. For instance, I used to drink a pot of coffee every day and now I'm down to one cup per week. I also don't drink alcohol. Both beverages will make you urinate more often, as caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics. And, if you're incontinent, that will make you have to change your diaper more often. It's always a balancing act between keeping the proper level of hydration (since urine stings and smells really bad if you are dehydrated) and being too hydrated (and thus having your diaper not last as long as it should).

    Another thing to consider is the kind of protection you will use. Since I work in law enforcement, I *really* don't want anyone to know about my incontinence. The trick is to wear a diaper that is absorbent enough to hold several wettings while not so thick that it obviously shows when you walk or bend over. For me, the Attends breathable brief in "extra absorbency" does the job quite nicely. Unlike some "clothlike" diapers, the Attends has a plastic layer underneath the clothlike exterior, so it still protects just as well as a plastic-backed diaper but makes a lot less crinkle. The side panels allow decent air exchange so you won't get nearly as sweaty or uncomfortable in warm weather.

    Depending on your level of incontinence, I'd also advise a few practical things. First, try to pee in the toilet before you put your diaper on in the morning. Going to work with an empty bladder is always a good thing. Second, anytime that you *can* make it to the bathroom, you should. This practice will help you get through a whole work day on one diaper. At least it works for me. My diaper is usually only about halfway maxed out by the end of the workday since I do try to get to the bathroom when I can, and I avoid coffee and too much caffeine.

    Always carry a couple of spare diapers. My coworkers have gotten used to me keeping a backpack with me. I've told them that it's for keeping my Android tablet, cell phone, keys, and wallet in one place. It also happens to be true. What they don't know is that my particular backpack has an inner compartment that isn't very visible even when I open my backpack. It is big enough to hold two diapers. I also keep a third diaper in a small plastic bag in my car just in case of an emergency.

    If you're out with friends after work, stick to water -- not soda or beer. Again, caffeine and alcohol will make you pee more. You can get away with a thicker diaper when wearing denim jeans after work than you can when wearing dress slacks.

    If you're traveling, go for a thicker diaper. After all, you're not going to encounter your coworkers, friends, or clergy while on a camping adventure or a cruise. Don't feel like you have stick to just one kind of diaper. I actually keep three on hand.
    -- Attends breathable briefs: For work. These are quiet, discrete, and absorb well.
    -- Attends waistband briefs: For off-duty. They are somewhat more comfortable and they have more DL appeal. Also, since the padding goes all the way to the waistband, they are a decent choice for bedtime use.
    -- Abena L4: If I know I am going somewhere in which I can't change my diaper for an extended period of time, this is the diaper I use.

    I hope this is helpful!

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