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Thread: Are you doing anything on Halloween?

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    Default Are you doing anything on Halloween?

    No not invilving diapers, unless you can and that would be cool! But I was wondering if anyone is doing anything for halloween? I am hoping to go to a party on the Saturday after halloween. I am looking for a spiderman costume now. That way i can play with it after the party also.

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    uhm i have a thespian meeting and we are going trick or treat asking for canned food and such for a fundraiser... i hear from kids who did it last year the people at the doors are like oh well do you want candy as well and they just dish out handfulls

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    Driving my car on the sidewalk, since there are so many more people to run over on that day for some reason

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    Flipping off kids that come to the door for candy....


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    Im probably going to go to some party or even throw one myself

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    I'm either staying at home, gonna scare little kids, or go to a friends party

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    I'm going to some parties, camping, and more then likely having Grif over or something.

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    I'm going to a party... as Captain Hammer

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    Probably nothing sadly. I might get together with some friends and watch some scary movies (which I do not enjoy for what it's worth), but in any case I will probably not be dressing up this year. Too bad, I kind of miss doing it. Oh, but it's on a Friday this year which is good I think.

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