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    This is to all the Plus Size Sissies for the minute that are in the states.. Do you buy clothes online or do you go in store and where do you buy them from?

    I'm having a bit of trouble finding comfortable clothes my size. I can't really find the styles that I want at the places I can get to. So where do you ladies buy your clothes? and do you go instore or online?

    Just looking for some advice.


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    Myself I order online, what little bit I've ordered has been from Ebay and is either XL or "one size fits" but i'm in the process of slimming down & am at the point that i'm Plus size and i'm not, know what I mean So yeah I know what a pain it is finding good fitting cloths. I will say this though next week i'm going shopping at the local mall, i'll mainly be shopping Lane Bryant, Dress Barn and Kohl's so I'll be able to try on what i'm buying first which will be soooooo great.

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    cool.. Yeah I want to buy online but I likethe instore stuff as well. Some stores don't have everything they sell online.. I'll check Ebay as well. I don't shop ebay unless it's for computer equipment. So I wil have to take a look around and see what is available.

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    I'm definitely a plus-sized girl, myself. Over the years I have bought all my clothes at plus-sized women's stores. In Canada it's Pennington's; but I have been to a Lane Bryant outlet across the border. As a former drag queen I'm talking everything from bras, pantyhose and girdles to outer wear and accessories. One area I didn't have occasion to check out was fancy lingerie and sleepwear. I have to say the first few times I went to buy clothes, I was quite uneasy. But, I decided, what the heck, and just told the salesperson that I was a drag performer. Turns out they still wanted to make the sale, so they were very accepting. Buying my first bra was a bit nerve-racking; but I got through it.
    If you aren't finding what you need in local retail outlets, then your only option may be online. When I first started doing drag, I made a trip to the big city (in my case Toronto) to a specialty store for cross-dressers. It was well worth the travel. If you had the opportunity to make such a pilgrimage you might find it very helpful. Another suggestion is if you have any gay clubs in your area that have drag performances, you might get some helpful suggestions about local resources from the "girls".
    Good luck.

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    With the exception of panties for everyday wear, and baby-doll nighties or pajamas, I have to shop on-line. Walk-in stores do not have the frilly, little girl's style clothes that I do so enjoy wearing, in anything close to a size that would fit me. Some years ago, there were some Square-dance shops around St. Louis, and I did shop at them for skirts and frilly tops, and of-course, petticoats. Since then, they have all gone out of bussiness. On-line shopping is the only way I have to get pretty, new clothes now.

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    Online most of time as I prefer exotic materials, but for less exotic stuff Walmart/Tesco/Target are great, and they have some pretty tough don't ask the customer questions about what they are buying policy as long as their spending money. As an example me and a TG friend went to a local target and bought about $200 in women clothes combined and not a word spoken in a negative connotation, it was seriously, hi thanks shopping here, have a nice day typical retail experience.

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