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Thread: The new Depend Real Fit

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    Default The new Depend Real Fit

    Saw these at the local CVS pharmacy, and figured I'd see what they're about. First, they have less absorbency than a Luvs Size 6 used as an insert in standard briefs, but cost three times as much as the Luvs. They have no standing leak barriers, and are extremely thin. Wearing, they felt sweaty and clammy, yet they also made me feel naked. With urge incontinence, the containment was extremely poor, as was the leakage protection. For feel, fit, and comfort, there is little difference between them and the standard generic store-brand granny panty.

    first, the box. Notice that there is a tab that opens it, kind of like the old fashion Pampers of the 1970's:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RealFit1.jpg 
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    And here is the item its self:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is what it looks like inside, note the absence of standing leak barriers:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the size, compared to a toddler diaper, this being Pampers 7. The view is showing the back of both, and the padding of the Pampers rises further both back and front than the Depend Real Fit:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And finally, a comparison of thickness. The Depend is actually the same thickness as the Pampers and Luvs it's sandwiched between. Yet, the Depend has less polymer than either of the two toddler diapers:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RealFitGauge.jpg 
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    Although the package advertises maximum protection, my opinion is that it would be maximum for someone who will only expel a few ounces just before immediately making their way to a restroom. This would be admirable for someone who can reach a toilet before emptying out the bladder completely, but would be an extremely poor choice for someone with urge incontinence. Certainly, they would be of no use for someone on a Chinese train headed home for the Lunar New Year!

    I do feel, however, that it could be useful for concealing an adult diaper such as the Abena M4 or other quality product of similar cut. The gray color would tend to hide well and coordinate with other clothing. For those who can make due with a pad for light incontinence, a Pampers 7 or Luvs 6 will be very compatible with this product, and I'm sure that Huggies will too. I DO NOT recommend the use of the Depend Real Fit without an insert, as the capacity is far too limited.

    Since an insert is required for them to be useful, cost effectiveness decreases significantly, especially if you have to throw away the garment and insert both, as they cost about $1.00 each, and a Luvs Size 6 will add another $.33 to that. An Abena M4 Premium costs $1.43 each, just slightly more than the Depend Real Fit and the Luvs or Pampers insert. And the Abena will hold far more while keeping the skin dryer and healthier, without the sweat, naked feel, and clamminess. You might as well wear a hospital diaper, as even it will perform better than this product. The hospital diaper will feel more comfortable, too.

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    You can get Abena M2 Premiums for just over 1 dollar each...

    And, they'll easily have about a million times more absorbency, while being nearly as stealthy.

    They do look cool, but unfortunately, it looks like that's where it ends.

    Too bad.

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    That's the exact point I was making, AbenaLeaf. This product is not worth the price, and I don't understand how this company gets away with taking advantage of people in that situation.

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    Butterfly Mage


    There is nothing in the Depends lineup that is even remotely suitable for a person with incontinence. Attends makes diapers that do a much better job at 2/3 the price of Depends. Abena and Molicare make vastly superior diapers that are only 1/5 more expensive than Depends. Either way, Depends are not a good option with respect to price and performance.

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    Stores are also discontinuing the only product from KC that did work: the Depend Max with the plastic backing. So now, there's nothing on the store shelves that adequately address the need. They simply don't offer enough protection. And, it's nearly impossible to get the word out because people are too afraid or embarrassed to talk about it. Could it be possible that they do this to get people into doctor's offices? How are people going to know how to use them properly, with an insert to take up the expelled liquids? The padding in the center certainly is not going to hold a void, especially if the wearer has urge incontinence. This is deceptive advertising!

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    Depends are awful!!! There is no if, and, or but about it!! :/

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    Doesn't look like much of an improvement.

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    Depends have been knowing to be cheep so people would buy them because they are cheep as well and rether spend as little as they can then be protected. from there people got use to using depends and now with a"new" product out people wont look at the price they well just go for it because it is the brand they have been wearing. and the whole "discreat" thing realy sells on non abdls, but thay are that any more discreat then any other pull up

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    Depends do not do good for me with incontinence, i personally thought attends were better. I wear dry 24/7s,cushies,bambinos these work alot better, I have to wear diapers 24/7

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    Butterfly Mage


    I wear diapers 24/7 too. I would never rely on a Depends product. The Attends extra-absorbent breathable brief is actually a pretty decent diaper at 70 cents each.

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