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Thread: may have a problem...

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    So today my mom was packing for her and my dad's trip to the beach this Friday. She comes into my room and yanks open my closet saying she needs beach towels (they're kept in my closet). My diapers are also in my closet in a box. She sees the box and immediately gets curious. I told her it just had junk in it but she wants to know what kind of junk. I just simply told her there was junk in it and to let the matter rest. I have a funny feeling that she won't let the matter rest and go snooping through my stuff one of these days. What should I do?

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    Probably wait until she snoops, then see if she raises any issues. If she does, then you will have to explain the situation as best you can. Just remember: It's not your fault you need them. Because if you could do without, you probably would. OR, if you're just curious and wondering how they feel, then maybe you could explain your "curiosity". At young ages, people are known to "experiment", and a surprising number of parents are likely to see this as harmless. At least you're not hiding drugs or similar items.

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    Well I don't need them and I am 23 so I would have a pretty hard time explaining that one.

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    Hide them somewhere else. I take great pains to hide my diapers in places that no one else uses.

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    Move diapers somewhere temporary for a few days
    Insert junk into box

    There's gotta be more than one hiding spot in your room. I had plenty in mine. Just need to be creative.

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    Sometimes keeping a stealth profile does require some psychological tricks...

    Move the diapers, and put "junk" in the box. Then, leave the box open in your room, (if your mom does go into your room often) wide open, and make it look as though you are sorting out the junk because of that incident.

    After "sorting" just put everything back as is if you want. Just make sure to not "put" anything in that box she would want, otherwise, you're in for it.

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    I'd say move them everytime you get paranoid...
    I'm 25 and still do :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyJoe View Post
    Well I don't need them and I am 23 so I would have a pretty hard time explaining that one.
    If you're 23 there's no need to explain. Your body, your life, your room. Are you living there in between classes? Do you work and chip in for expenses? Then what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and your mother needs to respect that.

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    if you use a dresser to put your cloths in stash your diapers in the dresser under all your cloths disputing them out some. then fill the box up with junk, in other words if you have like old toys or something just stuff them in the box and conveniently leave the box open.

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    Yeah I'm going to school and I do help around the house and whatnot. She still says its here house her rules blah blah blah. She should just be happy I'm going to school, have a job, and I'm not on drugs. Why can't she just leave me the hell alone?

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