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Thread: Baby Powder scent

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    Default Baby Powder scent

    I, while not really being of the AB variety, am increasingly finding myself interested in the smell of baby powder. Enough to the point that I would like the smell to be more present. Does anyone know a way to have things, like clothes, sheets, (myself?) etc., smell more like baby powder for longer periods of time? I'm curious as to if it's even doable.

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    There's such a thing as baby powder scented deodorant. I've seen some in spray form.

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    There is? I've never heard of it. Where might I find this?

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    I've bought the baby powder deodorant that my wife (and I sometimes) wear at walmart. The stuff we have is made by Ban.

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    Does it actually smell like baby powder or is it just a strong, general-deodorant smell? Because I may definitely need to invest in that if it works.

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    It's pretty strong at first. but as you go through the day, the smell fades to your nose... I think the smell would still be there to others though.

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    Oh, okay. That sounds interesting. I'll look into it. Thanks. :3

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    There are baby powder candels....I have found them at craft shows and primitives shops. Might be a little hard to come by but if you can find them they are great! They really smell like baby powder.

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    That actually sounds really intriguing. I will probably look those up. If my house smelled like baby powder I think that would be a bit exciting. Thanks.

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    One of the AB stores sells Pampers scent which may be similar. For the life of me, I can't remember which site,however. I understand it's fairly potent.

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