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    Over the last few weeks I thought I was doing well during the day and hadn't needed to use my diaper. I thought this weekend I would try to spend the day wearing no protection, jist my underwear. While I didn't have a full blown accident, I noticed that everytime I peed I had a significant dribble issue in my pants. When wearing protection I have not really been aware of this. As I have wet my pants I will be returning to protection, but worry that I am gradually becoming dependent without knowing it. At night I peed in my diaper every night, perhaps this is part dependancy part medical need. What do you think?

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    I think part of it would depend on how long you have been wearing them for, but I do think it's something that can happen. In a way I feel the same thing has happened to me as well. I have been wearing 24/7 for the last year and a half and like you, I have times every now and then without protection but there is always this unwelcome dampness. Because of that and mixed with a worry about if I would have a full blown accident. Although unlike you, I also have to take into account I could have bowel accidents as well due to having an ibd.

    I think dependancy can be both something medical and something created in your mind over time. Protection isn't something like a substance after all, just something that you wear. At the same time though there is a condition that while it could always look like it's worse when padded up, it's still always there and always makes itself known. So because of that in one way or another, a dependancy can form.

    I didn't want to have diaper dependancy myself but I think in some ways it's for the best. We are both overactive and at different times of the day we will both have full accidents. In a way, it's better to have and be dependent on protection then to be without and not able to manage or worse. In the end, it's just another way of having to accept incontinence and needing to wear something to help with it.

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    I've been a bedwetter my whole life, but after I started wearing 24/7, I've slowly become dependant on diapers. Year ago I tried to go without for 1 school day, but I wet my pants during a class and ran to the toilet. Been wearing ever since... I'll rather let people know I wear diapers than peeing my pants in front of everyone.

    I don't think wearing diapers will make you unlearn it, nor occasional wetting. But if you start peeing mostly only in your diaper for long enough, you might end up like me (though I had problems with my bladder to begin with. I think it might depend on the person too.)

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    diapering 24/7 is what i like too be,
    so injoy that your in my heavens place.

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    I don't think "after pee dribble" need be a sign of dependency - it is a pretty common occurrence that many of us have had to cope with over the years. There are "milking" techniques etc. to help you deal with this and it would be worth investigating these and taking medical advice before giving up the struggle. Net Doctor had pretty typical advice about this - not an alternative to seeing your own physician though:

    I am an 18-year-old man and every time I go to the toilet, I often leak a bit in my pants even though I think I have finished.
    This has been happening for a long time now and it bothers me quite a lot.
    I have tried to sit down while urinating, but that doesn't help at all. In fact it only makes the problem worse because I leak a lot when I stand up.
    I hope you can help me
    It is not unusual for men to leak a bit of urine after they think they have finished urinating.
    A survey has shown that 40 percent of all men over 40 have this problem. However it is more unusual in a young man such as yourself.
    No one knows why exactly this dripping occurs.
    One important thing to note, however, is that a male urethra, which is about 15-20cm long, is not a straight tube.
    The urethra is more accurately shaped like an upturned 'S'. If a little urine collects in the upper curve, it might not come out while you are urinating and then drip out afterwards.
    If this is the case, try 'milking' the urethra after urination. It's not enough to just shake the penis a little bit.
    You have to milk the part of the urethra which is close to the bit of skin right behind the scrotum, as this is where the urine will have collected.
    You can feel the urethra yourself in this place as tube-shaped, firm structure. Move your finger forwards from this spot with a firm pressure.
    If this doesn't help and you still leak more than a few drops you should consult your doctor.
    If you have any other symptoms apart from a few drips you should consult your doctor and have an examination, as it is not normal for young men like yourself to have serious urinary incontinence.
    Yours sincerely
    The NetDoctor Medical Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayannight View Post
    No one knows why exactly this dripping occurs.
    Actually we do it's the u-bend phenomenon caused by lifting the penis over a zip or waist band, since there are no peristalsis muscles in the shaft of the penis any urine that is at the bottom of the u-bend is trapped but when the penis is replaced to sit or hang freely the u-bend vanishes and gravity allows the trapped urine to flow

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    I have this issue as well & wearing diapers will not make you IC. I get bad with the after flow dribble when my herniated disc acts up. I can freaking stand there & drip & shake for several minuets & think I am all done & then get a little surprise as soon as I am done washing up. gets real tiring after your 5th underwear change.

    Actually we do it's the u-bend phenomenon caused by lifting the penis over a zip or waist band, since there are no peristalsis muscles in the shaft of the penis any urine that is at the bottom of the u-bend is trapped but when the penis is replaced to sit or hang freely the u-bend vanishes and gravity allows the trapped urine to flow
    This may be true for some but for me it is not. I tried every trick, shake & dance & I still wind up wet. I have gone as far as using my wife's pads but these are obviously not made for men. My dad who is a little IC after his prostate surgery found these disposable cup like guards that work quite well for him. I can get you info on them if you like.

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    nah, i'm not, I tend to only drip when I'm in a rush or in a public rest room where giving yourself a little lift from behind the balls to empty the last few drops is impractical, but I can see that for other people where it's not just the u-bend phenomenon they could be very useful ^_^

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