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Thread: Ciao! , γειά σου,こんにちは, Hola, Hello

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    Default Ciao! , γειά σου,こんにちは, Hola, Hello

    Hello I'm a bit of a newbie to this whole thing. Never worn a diaper but always had the desire to dress as a little girl as long as i can remember. The first time i ment So far I've just been crossdressing but... i feel the need for something more especially the attention, love and care that comes with being a baby. I am a physics guy (Especially electrical and theoretical physics) self teach myself most of what i know. I knew calculus sophomore year of high school and know Ancient Egyptian and Italian. I currently have no-one to even talk to about them. Anyone who shares my academic interests as well as my diaper interests is welcome to talk to me.

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    Benvenuti a ADISC, Teslavoltage! Sto imparando italiano per quattro anni, lo so un po`.

    Back to english, since I'm not in class studying for the regents, as you can probably tell by the username, I also love electronics, but meh, don't know too much about it. The extent of my knowledge is toss me a schematic and I can put together a board, or make a simple linear power supply, but that's about it without help

    You might like to try out chat/IRC, I'm there very often, almost always during my free time XD

    Cya 'round the site,

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    I may not know italian except when Fracas and italian mix. But I love italian food. I also I know alot about ancient egypt!! Well see you around.

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