The size of baby diapers seems to be getting larger all the time. Is it true Pampers size 7 can work on a 30 inch waist size? Are kids today just getting bigger in size? Are diaper companies getting greedy by creating diapers designed for big kids? On this board some report that goodnites will fit up to a 34 inch waist size. Is this a trend to wait latter for potty training so larger diapers are needed and required? I have heard some say just wait till the kid is ready for the potty. There was a report by Kimberly-Clark that noted 40% of adult diapers were sold to non-incontinent users. Can we expect a baby diaper in the future that will fit adults? If a size 7 can fit a 30 inch waist a size 8 Pamper should fit at least a 34 inch waist size. We know the quality of the baby diaper is superior. Will we soon have a larger selection of baby diapers that will provide adults with the quality that they need and fit larger sizes?