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    I am in my senior year of college about to become a commissioned Naval Officer. I am headed to flight training in September to become a Navy pilot.

    I guess I just like wearing diapers not much else... they are comfortable to me in many ways.

    I am here mostly to just look around and see what other people are into, read about others like me maybe comment on a few things.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be here!

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    Annapolis MD? Naval Officer? My guess is that you in the US Naval academy. Awesome! I'm personally in my senior year of High School but I'm smart and want to be a physicist working at Los Alamos or NASA. Where I go to college, I'll find out in a few days. I am an adult baby/ sissy baby but have never actually indulged. (For the record I am just barely an adult at 18)

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    Hey, CountryBoy, welcome to the ADISC forums. I, too, am a graduate from a military academy and remember all to well what being a senior felt like. I also remember living in the dorms and having practically ZERO privacy - between having a room mate and frequent inspections where they search everything. I imagine the only time you are able to wear diapers is while on leave. Although, I had an illegal apartment my senior year and would occasionally go there alone with a package of diapers. Just wondering, did you become interested in diapers while at Annapolis or when you were younger? So you are going to flight school, that's awesome! Quite a contrast, don't you think, between being a military pilot by day, yet wanting your diapers by night. Wish to god they had ADISC when I was in school. It sure would have helped to talk to someone about it.

    Hope to hear more from you,

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