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Thread: Like a father figure?

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    Default Like a father figure?

    i'm just bored right now and just reading post's on adisc

    but to the topic i posting lol

    any one on here like a father figure to any of your friends kid/s like me

    my one friend i am a father figure to her lil girl who is 3 and a half the real father is a

    8=D~ Donner and abused the kid i can't get into detales right now as its in the court / cas ( children's aid ...

    but ya she looks up to me like im her father and i don't mind being a father figure to her i been like one scene she was 1.5 years old now im just rambling on lol

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    I think that to some small degree, I'm like a father figure to some of the kids in my school, especially the ones who don't have a dad. Naturally I try to be a good role model and example to them. I think I can honestly say that I really like most of the kids in our school. So many of them have needs and that seems to make me care all the more about them.

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    I have three boys in our church that have latched on to me. One is 12 and the other two are 14. All are from broken homes.
    We do a bit of camping, fishing and sailing. They all run cross country so I try to attend all their meets and encourage them.
    They're good kids.

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    There is some good post's today the little one that im like a father figure to is sick and doesnt want to leave my side

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringer View Post
    I have three boys in our church that have latched on to me.
    Similar here too. Being in different positions of assistance for the church leadership, I guess some kids will naturally tend to gravitate to
    someone to try to fill in what is absent in their lives.

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    My best friend is a single mom with a 5 yr old boy and an 18 month old girl. Both kids have different fathers. Mother and kids have no contact with either father. I see them a lot and yes, I am their only father figure. They love it when I do things with them and give them attention. I like it too.

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    i'm going to be adopt the lil one soon that im a father figure to

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    I guess the closest I get to father would be 'older brother'. My 'second' job is math tutoring. I wouldn't consider myself a professional; it's only one kid. However, it seems as though I'm either at her house or on the phone helping her four nights a week. She seems to look up to me and since she's at a very impressionable age (8th grade), I take my duties quite seriously. If you know me, you'd be amazed that I could show a glimmer of maturity in the first place!

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