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Thread: best place to buy cloth diapers?

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    Default best place to buy cloth diapers?

    Hello fellow adisc users, I was hoping somone could help me make an informed decission as to where to buy, how much I should expect to spend and what to look for in quality CLOTH diapers. So far all Ive experimented with are the different brands of disposables and am wanting to make the switch to cloth. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks guys
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    Though my favorite--my only!--cloth diapers are prefolds, I'm hesitant to recommend them to somebody who hasn't worn cloth diapers before. Coming from the land of disposables, things like pins and plastic pants might seem alien and un-diapery. My advice for first-time cloth-wearers is to consider all-in-one ("AIO") cloth diapers, such as those from BabyKins and Both of those companies have a very good reputation among cloth-wearers here on ADISC. ABU and NiceDiaper also sell AIOs, and I know some people here like them. An AIO is like a disposable that you don't throw away. They come in Velcro- and snap-closure varieties that work just like a tape-on disposable, and also in pull-up styles.

    If you need to familiarize yourself with the different varieties of cloth diapers, here's an article on the subject.

    Most of the companies mentioned above also sell other kinds of cloth diapers, such as prefolds and flats. Like Honeywell6180, I'm a big fan of the Changing Times Diaper Co prefolds. Other well-liked prefolds comes from Baby Pants and

    Hope that helps! There are other companies, but the ones above are the ones you'll hear mentioned the most in threads about cloth diapers. If you know what kind of diaper you're after, that'll narrow things down pretty quickly.

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    Default Looking to find cloth diapers

    Im looking to find nice thick cloth diapers that I can buy online and wont break my wallet. I want a reliable place I can buy from so if you have bought from the place your recommending can you tell me about your experiences with them.

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    I just came across a website I want to order from Reusable Adult Cloth Diapers Toddler Training Pants Diaper Making Fabric the only problem is they are out of stock for most of their products for adult in large and extra large size, I'm going to wait a little bit, they are the kind of diapers any AB would love because they are pocket diapers, you can add stuffers and liners inside them to make them thick like you want, the only color left is some kind of pink for now on the extra large size, will wait and order before the summer if possible.

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    Hi, Kokuei [removed]. There are a bunch of different kinds of cloth diapers, so knowing what kind you're after (e.g., all-in-ones, contours, prefolds, etc.) is a good first exercise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    Hi, Kokuei [removed]. There are a bunch of different kinds of cloth diapers, so knowing what kind you're after (e.g., all-in-ones, contours, prefolds, etc.) is a good first exercise.
    Well im totally new to cloth. but I love thick diapers and i know cloth is the best for that. I am probably looking for as thick of an AIO that i can get or one that I can stuff and make it nice and thick.

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    I used Babykins, or Kins, cloth diapers for years. When I lived in a suburban area I had a commercial laundry service do my wash. Out here in the country all that washing and drying got to be too much so I switched to disposables. I wore pre-folds, too. Perhaps if I had, and used, folded single-ply diapers it would have been a little better, since they wash and dry more quickly. Going through three dryer cycles per load got to be a strain on the equipment.

    Cloth diapers leak more than disposables,too. And the elastics at the legs wick urine outside the diaper. I advise you to understand the laundry problem and choose your diapers accordingly. Kins makes a good product, I still use their lined plastic pants over my disposables to have 100% peace of mind concerning leaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PFD View Post
    Cloth diapers leak more than disposables, too. And the elastics at the legs wick urine outside the diaper.
    I don't know if that's a fair generalization. It will depend very much on the product, IMO. If the elastics are enclosed in cloth, then there can be wicking. We used cloth diapers on our kids for a while, and some of our PUL covers had soft cotton over the elastic which did tend to wick. Silly design. On the other hand, I've been wearing prefolds with plastic pants for a while now, and haven't had a single leak or wicking issue. The plastic pants I wear have elastic that's fully enclosed in plastic, so there's nothing to do any wicking. I also know that there are quite a few people who swear by pin-on diapers and pull-on plastic pants for bedtime, being as they can deal with side-sleeping like nothing else! (No seams down the sides of the plastic pants)

    AIOs are a different animal. I haven't used them, but since the cover, the elastic, and the diaper core are all sewn together at the cuffs, I would imagine that they're a tad more likely to suffer from leaks and wicking issues. (Comments on this are welcome!)

    There is also probably some amount of "know your limits" here. Cloth diapers do need to be thicker for a given capacity than disposables do, so while your AIO may be as thick as an Abena M4, it's probably not going to take that third flooding.

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