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    Hi everyone hope your well

    Now i live on my own i dont have as much money as i used to to i cant afford disposable nappies as much anymore , so i have started to use terry nappies the ones you have to fold yourself to save money .Now the problem i have is i cannot pin the terry nappy to save my life i find it realy hard to pin it together and it ends up falling off me, so me question is is there an alternative to pins like that snappie thing for baby terry nappies ?

    Thanks for your help

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    you could buy some velcro strips and sew them on I suppose. I personally have no useful experience for you here, but I'm sure there are a few that will have other good suggestions.

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    Look on e-bay that's where I bought the last set I have they were cheap. Less than five bucks shipped to my door.

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    with cloth it all depends on how you fold them and put the pins in. if you don't want to use pins you could always convert the diapers to fitted with a fastener like Velcro. when I started using cloth as a supplement to my disposable ones it took a while to get the pinning just right for a good fit, best way I have found is to take the bottom part of the diaper and fold in the sides to the center then while standing push the pin through the front piece toward my front, bring the back flap over as tight as possible and put the pin in pointing back wards and secure it do the same with the other side. I have found using this method provides a tighter fit as the pins are already at their max point and will not allow the diaper to loosen anymore.

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    Cottontail has some experience using Snappis with adult cloth, I believe. As for me, I just make a go of it with pins. The thing I discovered is that I have to make sure the sides are reasonably thin (not a lot of material) where I'll be pinning. Otherwise, the pins will just pop open again, which sounds like the issue you're having.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbabyx View Post
    Cottontail has some experience using Snappis with adult cloth, I believe.
    Yes, but I don't particularly care for them. Pins are the way to go, IMO. The largest Snappis are still quite small, so you have to be careful when choosing a diaper to go with them, or else the Snappi won't stretch wide enough to reach both back corners of the diaper when they are pulled forward. For instance, I can very comfortably wear a medium adult prefold, but I need to wear an XL (folded down) if I want to use a single Snappi.

    Of course, you could always use two Snappis where one can't reach, but that's more cumbersome than pinning, IMO.

    EDIT: Since the OP is talking flats and not prefolds, Snappi size may be less of a concern, since you have the flexibility to fold so that the back of the diaper is very wide and the front narrow. That's the best scenario for Snappis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deano13 View Post
    is is there an alternative to pins like that snappie thing for baby terry nappies ?
    yep:Attachment 8139 mini-bungees!
    just file the ends to a point and afix as you please, with however many as you please (you can even do the Y-shape like with the Snappies). btw, Snappies aren't designed for use with terry nappies, they're more for the type of material as used in the US which isn't as tightly woven.

    other fixing methods are as previously mentioned, plus eyelets (available from the haberdashery) through which you can run cord (or ribbon) and tie-off in a bow.
    lacks adaptability, though (as do other methods) and the simplicity, versatility, flexibility and cost of the bungees, make it the one for me.

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    Default With respect to using pins successfully

    (With apologies for another mommy-blog style post.)

    My experience is that the traditional baby pins are really not adequate for full size diapers. You can get large pins from Adult Cloth Diaper Diaper Pins or Fetware Adult Size Diaper Pins Bpk4-pinhd Adult Cloth Diapers Custom-made for Adult Diapers Locking Clasp Diaper Pins Set of Four- 9 64 Sturdy* 3 * Nickel Plated Steel Sliding, among others. They're inexpensive and small, so they ship discretely and easily. I very much prefer the jumbo size pins from ADC, but I often double or triple diaper, so I really need the extra capacity.

    I find that I can never get a good tight fit standing up, although if things haven't stretched too much it's not too hard to tighten up a sagging diaper standing up.

    But to get things really snug, I have to be lying down. This has the added pleasure of rolling back with your legs in the air while the pants are pulled on. (Why is this such a rush?)

    Make sure you get the first side as tight as you can around the leg and as tight as you can around the waist without actually pulling it out from underneath you. Keep your thumb inside the diaper to hold it tight and to make a little room for the pinning. When you pin, stick the pin in nearly straight up and down (like you were planning to stab yourself) and then tilt the pin down parallel to the diaper and slide it in along the inside of the diaper until it's fully inserted. Then pull it back slightly and push it through to the top. The idea is to have both the top and bottom layers of the diaper completely fill the pin. Otherwise one or the other will slide along the pin and loosen the diaper.

    When you pin the second side, lift your hips a little and pull it as tight as you can around your waist. I often times go back and re-pin the first side just to snug it up a little more.

    Depending on how you fold your flats, you will often have a bit of loose diaper around the legs. Roll these in. It tightens up the legs (and the diaper overall) and makes a bit of a dam against leg leakage.

    Then kick back and put on the pants.

    Cloth usually stretches as it gets wet, so if you like wearing the diaper wet or dirty don't be afraid to re-pin.

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