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    Thinking of going to france for a skiing holiday at christmas. i am incontinent and have no bladder control (but also like nappies) i am wondering whether i will be able to buy nappies in french supermarkets? if so what type of bands?
    how much? any experiences. any advice etc would be apreciated.

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    what's wrong with bringing your own supplies from England?

    No point taking the risk buying things that are not as good quality as your usual one's.

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    My flatmate has worked in France before, and apparently Tena Orly's (which i'm assured are pretty much identical to "normal" Tena Slip's) are sold in most hypermaches (larger supermarkets) in France, although smaller ones, such as convenience-store types may not sell them.

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    If you're incontinent as you say, then you would be bringing your own diapers over to begin with...So as Tommy said, why buy some there?

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    Being incontinent means using a lot more than 1 a day, usually...and going on holiday one usually tries to pack as little as possible to save room for bringing home souvenirs!

    I, personally, can see the point in bringing only what one needs for the trip and maybe the first day in order to have something on hand when trying to find a shop that sells the required items. Why pack an entire pack of diapers if one can buy them at the destination?You can fit several warm sweaters in that space which would seem infinitely more practical!!

    I've heard good things about "Orlys" (and if I'm not mistaken they're the ones that come in all the pretty colours?) Unfortunately, I'm not in Europe, so can't advise on the quantity, quality, or pricing of supplies there.

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    I agree with ayanna's post. Unless it's a really short trip, it would be a hassle to drag everything needed to cover usage for someone incontinent. Also, part of the point of travelling is to see the differences. I'm not incontinent, but I'd be curious to see what's available in diapers most anywhere I went.

    To india: unfortunately, I don't have any useful information on French diapers. I hope you're able to get what you need when you're there.

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