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    Default star wars the old republic

    hey is anyone else playing TOR if so id love to play with you guys sometime im on the mask of nihlus server

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    Sorry, I'm not.. I took part in a lot of BETA but when it comes down to it.. $15/month to play.. If it was $5 I would but damn... Wish I was back on it tho!!!

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    I play it but im not sure if im going to renew my subscription when the time comes. I love it, its a good game and all but none of my friends play it which can make it pretty boring. Its called an MMO for a reason :P

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    Omg I just made a thread on this lol. Yeah I got it. I'm in the highest populated server in the europe one. I'm on the sith empire and name is advun

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    I played in beta. But due to the Non Linier flight combat I stop playing.

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    I'm playing on & off.
    I log to raid each week but other than that I'm taking a break before I start my next char and waiting for update 1.2
    I'm on the Frostclaw server.

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    The servers are pretty empty as of now. The game is a historical flop.

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