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Thread: Worst Smell Ever?

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    Default Worst Smell Ever?

    I have a question for those who actually like to mess their diapers (but I'll leave it hear in the off topic post, as it doesn't relate to diapers.)
    What is the worst smell you've ever experienced?
    Next to a messy diaper, I'd have to say the worst thing I've ever smelled was the decomposition of a coyote carcass found in a dry river bed.

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    Dead skunk off the side of the road...not very fun to smell

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    12 years ago I was admitted into the hospital for severe Pneumonia.
    It almost killed me but that is another story
    While in the hospital I received intravenous antibiotics and one of those medications was called Levaquin
    What came out of me to this day was one of the worst odors I have ever experienced in my life
    To be honest I can't imagine hell itself smelling much worse and I used to be a Paramedic and had to scrape cooked and coagulated brains and other organs off the side of the road on occasion
    To this day I can still remember what it smelled like as it's been permanently etched into my olfactory receptors
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    The smell of my soul after posting here.

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    My old rubbish bin. Oh my god. One night when I took the rubbish out (No diapers at all!) I lifted the lid and through the bag in. Stale air in the bin was pushed out, and it smelled like something had died D: Thats one of the few times I have come close to vomiting, it was that bad.

    I really don't want to know what was in there that caused that smell.

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    I don't mess but the worst thing I have ever smelt was rotting mussels (the shell fish) that had been left out in the sun.

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    When my Nan died in 2006 and we were cleaning out her house, she had a cake in the bottom of her cupboard that had been there for at least a year or two. Not only was it one of the worst smelling things I have ever had the misfortune to be in the presence of, it was entirely covered in mould and had maggots all through it. I honestly did throw up. Thank christ I wasn't made to dispose of it. Next to it, a messy diaper smells like beautiful perfume, and I doubt i'll ever forget it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    A dead animal is about the only thing I can think of that is worse than poop when it comes to odor. Junkie piss is a close third.

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    Here is the worst smell I have ever experienced. I put some white chocolate chips in a plastic bowl and put it in the microwave. After a while, the plastic burned and the white chocolate burned. The combination of burnt white chocolate and burnt plastic made me nearly vomit. It's an indescribable odor that is so sharp and unpleasant.

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    it affects me like nothing else on earth. I can't be anywhere near the stuff. just a tiny whiff in passing air can make me feel sick, and I'm hypersensitive to the smell. I can pick it up from long distances. I can handle the smell of rotting flesh better than I can bleach. its about the only thing that really pushes me beyond the point of being able to keep composed. and I've been exposed to CS gas and other similar things. easily the most horrible putrid smell on earth.

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