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Thread: Have you ever dropped in on your parents... "bumping uglies"

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    Default Have you ever dropped in on your parents... "bumping uglies"

    I have, twice, I am permanetly scarred forever.

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    Well I listen to my friend have sex....twice and my girlfriend's friend walk into us having sex once...and if this count, I walk into my dad watching porn a couple times when I was young too.

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    Thank God, no! Oh my goodness, I can't even think about that without throwing up in my mouth a little, though obviously it was a necessary evil that resulted in me being here.

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    I have once I was on leave and decided to suprise my parents for the weekend I think I got the bigger suprise though. It is a big joke with them now and that one incident cured me of wanting to suprise them I always call first. LOL

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    I don't think I have, at least I don't have any such memories. However, my crib was placed in my parents' bedroom for the first weeks/months of my life, so God knows what I saw/heard at that time and just can't remember.


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    I never have, thankfully, although after my parents divorced, it was blatantly obvious what her and her boyfriend were doing, while I was unfortunate enough to be sat in the lounge downstairs, under their bedroom...

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    no never but if this counts i have borrowed my dad computer to find porn websites in the history...

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