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Thread: Diaper Party just for Fun

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    Default Diaper Party just for Fun

    Would you think of going to a diaper party just for fun? What would you wear? Would you have it at your place? Who would you invite?

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    Would I like to? Yes. Would I? A lot of different variables would have to be just right for me to go to such an event. First off, I would have to be comfortable with the people there. Second, it would have to be at a location inconspicuous enough that it would not 'out me' or be obvious to outsiders that it was an AB/DL diaper party (I am assuming that this 'diaper party' would be an AB/DL event). Third, I would need to know how public the party was. If the neighborhood in which this party was occurring knew about it, I would not go.

    Assuming it was an AB/DL party and things were okay enough for me to feel comfortable going. I would probably wear normal clothes with my diapers on under them. I don't have any AB/DL clothes, so I doubt that I'd be down to just a diaper & T-shirt (but I might if I felt comfortable enough). I don't think I'd have such a part at my place. I seriously doubt my wife would allow me to host such an event. Further more, I don't know of enough AB/TB/DL's in RL to even host such a party.

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    After thinking about this for a minute, I'd say this could best be done as a "costume party" of sorts, where guests were encouraged to arrive wearing party/halloween style masks, and could take them off at any point during the party, or leave them on the entire time. I expect almost everyone would relax enough to unmask at some point in the evening, after they had become more comfortable with some of the people in the crowd.

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    I have been to a number of diaper parties. In fact, I met my partner at a Halloween diaper party in Chicago.

    Of the parties I've been to, several have been house parties, like the Halloween diaper party (I've actually been to several parties hosted by that group, some Halloween, some pre-IML, all a lot of fun!), and a few of them have been large-scale events with over 100 people each time. Surprisingly enough, the first real diaper party I went to was a Diaper Fest in Vermont, and there were just over 100 people there (something like 109). A couple of people I had chatted with and made friends with online vouched for me and got the organizers to extend to me an invitation. I had never met any of them in real life, yet I still decided to spend the $150 for the room, plus the gas to drive to Vermont from Michigan, plus the 12-14 hours one-way of driving.

    And it's one of the best things I've ever done. I don't mean that as a figure of speech or an exaggeration, either. I overcame a lot of fears and concerns and worries just to accept the invitation, only to then get stopped as I was entering Canada (driving through Canada is way more direct rather than going around the lakes). There I was, nervous as all hell about the long drive and going to this event in the first place. I had a car full of ABDL stuff. I had onesies and pacis and plastic pants in my luggage. I had a case of Bambinos in the car. I had my steel spiked collar in the car. So of course, the border guards did a full search of my car. By the time they were done, my stuff was strewn across three parking spaces at the customs and immigration office on the Canadian side for all to see. Naturally, I was one step away from dying of embarrassment (or so I felt, anyway). Finally, one of the border guards said to me, "You know, we don't really care what you do with your personal time. We're agents of the Canadian government at the busiest border crossing into this country. We search literally thousands of cars per day here, and we're honestly so busy that we'll probably forget about this by the end of our shift. As long as you're straight with us, we don't actually care what you do." Amazingly enough, they actually helped my put my car back together before they sent me away (back home, since they found my lost lockpicks in the car, and they considered the 2-inch spikes on my collar sufficiently weapon-like to disallow it).

    By the time I even got to Vermont for the party, I had already swallowed my fear and vowed not to let it get in my way again. I figured that if I survived having my car torn apart by Canadian customs officials with all manner of ABDL gear inside, then I could survive anything. That party was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I made some friends with people I still keep in touch with four years on. If the opportunity to do something similar came up, I'd jump on it in an instant.

    As for the format, we had an entire ski lodge to ourselves. Turns out the (now former) owner was an ABDL, so he opened the place up to us in the off-season, and we just had to pay to cover the costs of operation. We were able to run around in diapers or whatever other clothing or gear we liked, as long as we stayed inside. Same for the house parties I've been to. Obviously I show up with normal clothes, but once I see what the crowd is doing, I'll jump in.

    And if you ever get the opportunity to go to a party or something, don't wimp out and pass it up. Go, attend, have a good time!

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    I've been going to diaper parties almost at least monthly lately. If you look around on other social sites I bet you could find one going on soon in your area.

    Of course wear diapers to them x3 Dress conservatively at first and gauge the party for a while. You may be a little shocked at seeing others in full baby outfits or just diapers but I'd advise to talk to everyone first and try to get to know someone. The worse that could happen is that party isn't for you, one night wasted oh well, but chances are more likely you'll enjoy yourself.

    The first party I went to I was padded but conservatively dressed. Eventually I got comfortable enough to lose the pants, "when in Rome." x3 As I've gotten to know the people there I eventually got comfortable enough to borrow a sleeper that they loaned out to the guests. I just recently bought a onesie and I'll wear that too.

    @dlCherub I'm pretty sure the hosts of the party value their privacy just as much as you do and discretion has always been a top priority at every event. Like I said, don't be afraid to give strangers a chance. If you hear about a party going on in be sure to communicate to the hosts, I'm sure they'll be glad to help you be more comfortable there.

    Unfortunately I have a shared apartment so parties can't happen here but I do bring my closest friends over on occasion to cub out with.

    If I were to host a party, I'd advertise it on diaperspace or fetlife and some other places, however adisc isn't really the place to advertise that, unless its a huge adisc meet. I'd spread the word to any interested in my area, even in this dense city parties don't usually get larger than 20-30 people but those that actually stick around tend to dwindle to 5-10 later in the evening. I'd have a good chat and screen everyone who's attending first of course.

    Diaper parties are great fun. If you think you can host one then I say go for it! :3

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    I'm sort of shy about all of this, but I would love to go to a party that had our members from adisc. I'd enjoy meeting some of you all in person.

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    If I had met up with some of the people in a more normal setting first and it went well then I think a diaper party would be pretty fun second meeting. I just think something like that would get really awkward really fast if you didn't know a lot of the people there.

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    I've been to a couple and they're not my thing. I prefer more one-on-one or small group things. I'm really uncomfortable in groups, especially "adult" groups. I'm not into sports, drinking, business, politics... anything that "adults" like to talk about, and I'm even worse with people my own age, because alcohol is even MORE prevalent and all anyone wants to talk about is more alcohol, sex, and pop culture stuff I'm years behind on. Even "AB"-oriented parties still involve alcohol, which I absolutely hate (both the taste, and how it affects me). I much prefer a couple people I KNOW I get along with, and even then, only around 2 or 3 at a time at most or I get nervous.

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    This would be fun if it were out in a remote area and there were no freakish stuff going on there.

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    I'd love to do a diaper party in fact I know one of the sports clubs at my uni did a diapered social, not that I'm willing to bring it up with my friends, but some where a little distant from home I'd go in plane cloths and meet up with ABDLs especially more ADISCers

    If I had the money, amongst a few dozen other things I'd like to do, I'd organise ADISC on tour, maybe 4-8 of us who want to meet everyone, do 5 UK evenings in/near 5 UK cities and another 49 evenings (maybe whole days on weekends in some cities) across US and Canada, going to cities based on democratic process. Run the whole thing out of the back of a hired mini bus so we can do it just about any where, bring your own everything, and if you feel generous you can do us a favour take the rubbish home and we'll keep the left over food, beer and changing supplies. Logistics, do stop-offs at cheap motels to shower every day, I'll 'baby sit' (stay sober) in the evenings and drive us half way to our next stop and someone can take over to drive from morning to the meet up point so I can get some sleep. OK 8 weeks living under the feet of 3-7 total strangers, we'd get to know each other pretty well but it could cause arguments. Still the 8 of us would get to meet loads of ADISCers, we could even record the goings on and make pod casts for those who couldn't make it. Ah, maybe not the best thought out idea but it would be fun.

    NOTE: I am not really planning such an event, it's not going to happen any time soon (like at least the next 10 years), I'm just saying it would be fun if I could do it.

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