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    Today I am not wearing a nappy, just a couple of pads in my knickers ( a Tena Lady Maxi Night and a Tena Lady Plus to be exact). I quite enjoy this as a change. Still a nice bulky feeling and, because they are not as absorbant as a full nappy or pants, you have to really control the flow and just allow it to dribble/trickle out - a lovely feeling. And the pads do get lovely and wet. Does anyone else emjoy this?

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    I experimented with this a few years ago when I was younger and the closest thing to a diaper I could get was some pads I found in my step grandmas guest bedroom. I put it in the front of my underwear and it felt pretty good but when I tried to wet it in the bathroom it did not work at all. Mainly because I am a male and it was not very snug :P.
    But I imagine for a girl that would work very well.

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