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Thread: I just found out i have a brain tumor

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    Angry I just found out i have a brain tumor

    i was having bad headaches and got a MRI ordered and i have a brain trumer is the back left aera of my head and it can grow right now its the size of a wallnut and they can't remove it. or do anything with it as its to far in :-( so now evey 6 month's i have to have a mri to see if it is growing D: i hope it ever grows but at the same tme if it is i do not want to know as nothen they can do. if they do remove it i will become a veggy and basicly be on life support.
    Im depressed right now because of it

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    I'm so sorry this has befell you blogbaby. My sympathies really go out to you. I will pray for you (if that's ok with you).

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    I'm very sorry ta hear that buddy, our simpithy goes out to BlogBaby
    everybody pray for BB :pray:
    (If that's alright with him)

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    Butterfly Mage


    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. My grandmother died of a brain tumor. However, she had the tumor for over 40 years before it killed her. She did end up leading a relatively full life and was only truly ill the last year she was alive. She died at age 67.

    As long as it remains small, you might not actually have any problems. I hope that ends up being the case for you. If it stays the same size for a long time, that might give you time for more advanced medical techniques to develop. The incurable thing in 2012 may be easily curable in 2025.

    May you have health and long life.

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    oh shit, thats serious....but if ive learned one thing from my dads father dieing of cancer its just to live, even if its not going to be fatal treat it like it is, do things you thought would be fun, or whatever, and anyway you cut it well all be praying for you. i wish you the vary best mty freind.

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    I echo teddybears sentiments. Life sadly never goes smoothly and always throws us curve balls to test our strength. Keep your chin up, and know you have the support of many here be it either through prayer or well wishes; whichever your beliefs follow. Above all, enjoy your life. Dont dwell on the negative. Broaden your horizons and do what your dreams desire. As tough as it may be to do, positive thinking is part of the key.

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    thanks all : group hug : if you want you can pray for me ^_^ they said its been there a long time prob seance i was 10 or so and im 22 now

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    Are you going to get a 2nd/3rd opinion or have you already done that? For something of this magnitude if you haven't it would be in your best interest to do so. As I'm not a doctor and can't give medical advice what I'm saying is just my personal and limited knowledge but having said that I'd say that if you have had it since you were ten it's likely benign (non-cancerous) and very slow growing. I hope it continues to be that way for you for many more years to come.

    You are in my prayers blogbaby

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    Well I wish you the best. I send my wishes to you.

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    I am sorry to hear this, blogbaby. Try not to dispair, there is always a hope and possibility that the tumor may be consumed and irradicated by your own body's immune system. I have also read about some new medical advances where microwaves, and other EM radiations, are used to selectively target, and destroy a very specific, local region that cannot be delt with by traditional surgery. Some may feel that it's a waste of time, but I will pray for you, none the less. You have my best wishes.

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