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    Like the bedding topic I started, do you have your bathroom done up with a girlish theme or have items like towels, shower curtains, rugs, toothbrush holders or soap holders that have a more girly theme to them?

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    Do hygiene items count? I only use girl soaps, girl deoderant, i have some bikini shave gel, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBLeslie View Post
    Do hygiene items count? I only use girl soaps, girl deoderant, i have some bikini shave gel, etc.
    No, there is a "Personal Care Items" thread that I started for that, this is only for bathroom stuff, like towels & shower curtains!! Sorry if I wasn't too clear on that, SBLeslie!!

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    Since I tend to lean towards my favorite color purple, that seems to be my main theme towels, toothbrushes, and shower curtains. I ran across some very nice Hello Kitty accessories while window shopping at Walmart the other day and am contemplating going with that for a theme, but pink takes second place to purple for me.

    It's been a gradual process changing my area and am very grateful that I have roommates that understand me using more feminine colors in my decorating. I swear that one of the best stores I have found which hopefully I'll be able to get more is Anna's Linens. Very awesome prices and I've been wanting more curtains and other things to make my bedroom even more girly.

    Very good topic and I look forward to seeing what others input here as well.

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    I have a set of pink towels and washrags. But I didn't actually go out with the intent to get a pink set of towels, I was asking around for some when I moved into my apartment and they are what I got. haha I'm not one to be picky about free gifts.

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    I moved into a house with a few guys; the owner of the house previously was an artist. She pained the words "peace" and "serenity" into our bathroom. Those words are the extent of the girly-ness of the bathroom.

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    I have a Powerpuff Girls shower curtain & am in the precess of getting a bath towel set with them on it too!! Plus, I have pink & purple towels to go along with them as well!!

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    I still live with my parents and siblings, so our bathroom is neither, girly, or guyish, its just plain, messy.

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    Mine has an ocean theme, it has a wooden sailboat, a pearl from Hawaii, shells, and all sorts of stuff, it remains gender neutral. So yeah.

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