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Thread: brought my 1st pacifier

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    Default brought my 1st pacifier

    I've not really talked much on here before about the adult baby side of things but while getting supplies like wipes, I kept being drawn to pacifiers as well and wondering what it would be like to try one. Today though, I ended up taking the jump and buying a pack.

    I got myself an Advent twin pack and right now I don't know what to think really. In a way I don't think or feel much towards them and 1st time felt weird. At the same time though, I keep being drawn to want to suck on one and actually while writing this post I have been sucking on mine for the longest time I've had one in. I guess it'll take time before I can say I like it or not.

    Maybe an adult baby side really is starting to come out of me after all.

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    It felt strange for me the first time too.
    Never tried the Advent brand, only Mam and Nuk and some cheap brands. (the cheap brands felt cheap too)

    Seems like you do like them. I thought it was strange at first, and wanted to keep using mine at first.
    To me I think it is comforting.
    After time goes by and you do like them, I would recommend getting a Nuk 5.
    They are a little bit pricier than store bought, but they are very nice.

    Also silicone and latex types will feel completely different, more so when you get used to one over the other.

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