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Thread: Anyone else love Molicare Super Plus?

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    Default Anyone else love Molicare Super Plus?

    I have always noticed a lot of people mentioning that they love and or swear by certain diaper brands here at ADISC. Molicare, specifically the Super plus, comes up in conversations sometimes, but usually only when being compared to the Dry 24/7 diapers or the Abena X-plus.

    I have to say, that as a wearer and lover of the Abena products and a lot of others, I just got through a case of the Molicare super plus diapers and I am in love with them. I just ordered two more cases.

    Anyone have any thoughts on them as well? Does anyone use them as their go to diaper brand? I always keep a full repertoire of diaper brands, making sure I have at least a package of the Abena X-Plus, Delta Form, Attends briefs, Cloth-backed Tena's (not sure why), Depends, and Bambinos.. But I'm thinking of using the Molicare Super Plus diapers as my ever day diaper. Anyone else?

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    The Moli's are well made, thick and have strong tapes but are pulp based and leak under pressure if heavely used. I still likr them as a change of pace week night diaper.

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    The Super Plus is IMO, the best diaper there is.

    You can flood it, it won't leak if the fit is good.
    When I'm wearing one at night, I feel so confident, I wet it in my sleep. Never had any leaks under normal use.
    And it does not hurt my skin.

    It does not compare to Abena in therme of liquid dissipation. Abena just wick it and it don't spread out. That lead to leaks if you flood. Molicare Super Plus spread it front and back. Re-wet absorbancy is rapidly restored that way.

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    Sorry to be the possible bubble burster, but Molicare may have discontinued the plastic back-sheet version.

    I don't have solid proof of that, though.

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    I'm hearing more rave reviews about them on ADISC as time goes on. There are a ton of members who swear by them, although, this...

    Quote Originally Posted by AbenaLeaf View Post
    Sorry to be the possible bubble burster, but Molicare may have discontinued the plastic back-sheet version.
    ...might keep me from trying them out. Sad :-/

    Plus, I am a sucker for cute designs. So, I suppose I'll stick with the Bellissimos for now, but I'll keep an eye out for a pack of the plastic-backed ones. ^^

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    What's the design of Molicare Super like? Better than Abenas?
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    First pack of Super Plus I ever bought, the outer plastic cover felt a lot like vinyl pants. It wasn't brittle or anything, very smooth and had a firmness to it, and certainly thicker than those soft plastic covers all the brands use these days. I bought another pack later on and was dismayed that they had the soft plastic outer. So I don't know if the first pack I got was a defective or not.

    I like the Super Plus. Much to the tune of what others have said here already, if the fit is right, they're pretty damn good. But if you shift around too much, the pulp material likes to clump up like an Abena, and if you flood them to much they tend to bleed through the plastic like a Tena. Odour control in them leaves a lot to be desired though. Even if I double-wrap a wet one up, within a few hours it starts to really stink.

    Nevertheless, they're right up there with those other common premium brands. I personally like wearing them because they fit me well, they're very comfortable and they're comparable in practicality to those aforementioned brands. I've known a few sissies who like them in particular because of their pinkish-purple colour. Very cute!

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    I am also a fan of the Moli Super Plus. I order them regularly here in Europe, and fortunately the pack I received a couple of days ago still contains plastic-backed diapers. They are a nice thickness, with a good wide crotch and indeed the ability to hold a great deal of use. Not the best product available, in my opinion, but they are certainly in my top 5.

    take care all

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    I like moli super pluses, and still have a pack of the plastic ones, they work great but I like the abena super-x better as it's cut fits me better I just wish they purple like the molis as I love purple.

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    I have just started using Molicate Super Air Active Premium or something like that, and am impressed with how the tapes hold on and how they are absorbent even though they are so short.

    Total Nappy Supplies Total Nappy Supplies - Shop By Brands - Molicare - Molicare Air active range - MoliCare Super Premium Air Active Range Medium

    If you were referring to the super thick purple backed ones I was impressed by them but they are so expensive.

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