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    Hi everyone! I'm completely new to the ABDL community. My BF introduced me and I've becoming to like it myself. I've always been what I considered a child at heart. Since learning about all this and discovering that I actually enjoy it myself, my feelings have gone up and down about it. One day I'd feel all excited about it and the next I feel ashamed or guilty about it. I've been a lurker for awhile and realized that I'm sure most of you have gone through feeling the ups and downs at some point in time. My BF has been a DL for as long as he can remember and I support him of it. I'm just trying to find myself in it. I'm more AB than DL at this point.

    As far as who I am, I'm in my 20s, work full-time in business, and some of my hobbies are exercise, spending all my time outdoors when possible, playing Wii, and music.

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    Welcome, there are a lot of people who don't feel so sure about their ABDL side accepting it is like fighting preconditioned responses and it's not always easy I suppose being a little bit of a child at heart will help you.

    So what are your favourite wii games, I recently got a Wii and I've only got 3 games what would you recommend I go and play?

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