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Thread: Scuba diving?

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    Default Scuba diving?

    So i'm gonna sign up for diving classes on Friday, I thought it looks fun so im gonna give it a try and if i like it I wanna work to get my license to dive in frozen lakes. So does any one have any tips or anythings lol

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    Scuba diving is amazing! And it's actually pretty easy to get certified. The hardest thing I encountered was having to go a certain distance on just one breath of air. I had to retry it a few times. Other than that, fairly easy.

    Also, for the written portion, study your book hard! The test is easy if you study and are well prepared.

    Good luck!

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    Listen to the Divemaster, you're going to have to do some crazy tests to get certified but they are to prepare you for the worst, as fun as diving is, it is also very expensive so just be aware of that, other than that just have fun, it's an awesome sport to get in to

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    The concepts aren't that hard, but you need to practice them hard. SCUBA diving is an inherently dangerous sport with a microscopic injury rate because the training and certification requirements are so intense. You'll probably need a perfect score on your dive tables test.

    Sounds dumb, but learn to swim. I had to swim 20 laps (Olympic-sized pool) with my choice of stroke in the first class. Rests had to be treading water- no hanging off the edge of the pool (the open ocean doesn't have edges). If I failed, I wouldn't be certified until I could do it. I can swim, but I'd *never* swam that kind of distance before.

    If you have any issues with nasal congestion, buy some pseudoephedrine now. Take a pill when you sit down for each class. Take it for 2-3 days prior to the class starting to determine the maximum dose (at or below the recommended dose) that won't inhibit your alertness.

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    your first test will always be nerve racking as you have to do some odd things (like taking you wing/BCD off then back on) which do have uses later on & lots of swimming. for my rescue diver course I had to lift people out of the water in full kit plus get myself out (i use twin 15ltr tanks with two ponies in back up) its a fun thing to do and the only thing i can really say is do NOT ascend quickly otherwise the bends will strike and it bloody hurts (doing a deco stop and a load of other diver jumped onto the shot line taking me and my buddy down to about 15m before being flung back up to 3m,)

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    The best thing I can say is to enjoy - but it is potentally a dangerous sport. Work with and stick to your buddy - as they will be your lifesaver if stuff goes wrong

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