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Thread: I really need to stop this trend o.o

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    Default I really need to stop this trend o.o

    ... Of bein a part timer here in Adisc.. I used to be a regular.. But due to my distractions In Second life and work and Kay my GF things have been Jumpy.. meaning i have been everywhere! well heres to announce.. I am back, I am STAYING Back! and I feel Like a newb cause my posting and abilities have been restricted.. o.o I feel like I have been Punished T-T;

    Well I should, I neglected To post and be active here >.>;

    well heres To a new Beginning :P Again!

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    welcome Back Bobcat.

    Don't worry, Youll be a regular again very soon

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    Welcome back. I had two weeks where I never really posted and felt bad after that, so I know how you feel.

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